Kaiyuan City History

Kaiyuan, called mystery(阿迷), 1932 it was renamed Kaiyuan, and it was intended to “spread on all sides, connect end.” Kaiyuan Anin brute. Range is Gu Wan ting of theXia, Shang and Zhou. During the pre-Qin Dian Terr.

On April 27, 1950, Kaiyuan district people’s Government was established,jurisdiction over 6 districts, Li Meng Zi Prefecture.

In 1957, the Kaiyuan County, Honghe Prefecture, was placed under.

On October 20, 1958, the 81st plenary meeting of the State Council decided:the Elimination of Kaiyuan County, the Kaiyuan County, six to all sevenDistrict and 4 communes, 1 rural area five was placed under the Wenshan County, the rest transferred to gejiu City (approval of the State Council on September 16, province people’s Committee, October 3). Kaiyuan communeestablished (original one or two zones), five-star Community (formerly fiveor seven), Prairie communes (the original three districts, seven left Xiangde, and mengzi), scribe, gejiu city.

In February 1959, commune Kaiyuan, associated press, for the unity ofpolitical and social organization, jurisdiction of Kaiyuan, Marsh, five-star, Zhuang, de five communes, gejiu city, Li.

On September 13, 1960, adopted at the plenary meeting of the State Councilthe 103th meeting: recovering into the gejiu and Kaiyuan County, revocationsystem, prior to withdraw its administrative regions are still the originaland unchanged, Kaiyuan County, led by gejiu city. Kaiyuan County 5 communes.

In 1961, de communes under mengzi County.

On January 18, 1981, the approval of the State Council: the Elimination ofKaiyuan County, setting up (at county level), Kaiyuan city, as the KaiyuanCounty area of Kaiyuan city administrative area. Kaiyuan city, on November18, was officially established, jurisdiction over 5 3, scribe of Honghe Prefecture.

In 2005, Kaiyuan city, revocation and Ying Xiang and horses in WhistlerVillage, set up camp and in town.

In 2006, Kaiyuan city, xiaolongtan streets turned into small long Tan Zhen,the town Government Office in original Xiao Long Tan.