Longling County Overview

1.Basic Information

  • Population: 289,006(2011)
  • Nationalities: mainly Han, Yi, Dai
  • Area: about 2,884 square kilometers
  • Zip code: 678300
  • Area code: 0875


Longling county is a county in Baoshan Prefecture. The geographical coordinate is east longitude 98 ° 25 '99 ° 11', north latitude 24 ° 07 ' to 24 ° 50'. The maximum distance from east to west is 64 kilometers and the maximum span from south to north is 78 kilometers within the county. In the order of east, south, west and north, respectively borders to Shidian(施甸), Yongde(永德), Zhenkang(镇康), Miandian(缅甸), Mangshi(芒市), Lianghe(梁河), Tengchong(腾冲), Longyang(隆阳). The overall length of the boundary line is 19.71 kilometers.

3.Administrative Division

Longling county has jurisdiction over 5 towns(Longshan Town(龙山镇), Zhenan Town(镇安镇), Mengnuo Town(勐糯镇), Xiangda Town(象达镇), Lameng Town(腊勐镇)), 4 townships(Longjiang Township(龙江乡), Bizhai Township(碧寨乡), Longxin Township(龙新乡), Pingda Township(平达乡)), 1 ethnic township(Mucheng Yi and Lisu Ethnic Township(木城彝族傈僳族乡)), 5 neighborhood committees, and 116 administrative villages. 

4.Ethnic People

Longling county is a multi-ethnic county and the people of all minorities created colorful ethnic folk culture in the long term of production and living practice. Longling county has 23 ethnic groups icluding Han, Yi, Dai, Hui, Bai, Lisu, Achang, Jingpo, Buyi, etc. 

5.Climate and Weather

Longling climate is classified as warm and temperate. The rainfall in Longling is significant, with precipitation even during the driest month. This climate is considered to be Cfb according to the Köppen-Geiger climate classification. In Longling, the average annual temperature is 16.5 °C. Precipitation here averages 1391 mm.

6.Best Time to Visit

Without severe cold in winter and burning hot in summer, Longling county has a warm and comfortable climate all year round. So four seasons are good for traveling.

7.Things to Do

The featured tourism resources in Longling county are hot springs, pleasant climate, ecological environment and cultural sights. Top hot spring is Banglazhang Hot Spring and the cultural sights include Songshan Battlefield, Memorial Square of the Anti-Japanese War, Dongka Japanese Defense Pillbox, etc. Besides, there are some ethnic towns and traditional ethnic villages where tourists can explore the local ethnic culture.

8.How to Get to Longling

The main means of transportation in Longling county is the long-distance bus. You can also take the flight to Mangshi or Baoshan and then take the bus to Longling. The transportation in Longling County is extremely convenient , you can take the bus in the town to where you want to go.