Longling County Dining

With its high humidity and mild temperatures, Longling provides abundant fruits and vegetables all year for local cuisine. In addition, there are numerous snack options in high streets and back lanes such as Longling Oil Jizong Mushroom, Yunnan Style Spring Rolls, Longling Piccalilli, Pupiao Sweet Garlic, etc.

What to Eat in Longling

1. Longling Oil Jizong Mushroom(龙陵油鸡枞)

The Jizong Mushroom is one of the top-class mushroom types and a rare product of the mountain. You can fry it with meat or ham, or fried it alone, or boil it, or make soup with it. No matter how you cook it, it always tastes fresh and amazing. 

2.Yunnan Style Spring Rolls(云南春卷)

The Yunnan version of the ubiquitous spring roll is generally made larger than its Cantonese cousin. It is also made from a thicker and more porous pastry which gives it a more deep-fried flavor.

3.Longling Piccalilli(龙陵辣腌菜)

Longling piccalilli is a perennial home-dish, which has a good reputation because of its special flavor. 

4. Pupiao Sweet Garlic(蒲缥甜大蒜)

Baoshan Pupiao Sweet Garlic has a history of more than 150 years. It is made of fresh garlic with high quality, and is marinated with brown sugar, vinegar and other spices. Due to the use of small earthenware pot packaging with long preservation period, it can be kept for five years. It not only sells well in west Yunnan, but also to Burma, Thailand, Philippines and other southeast Asian countries.

Where to Eat in Longling

1.Longzhuyuan Restaurant(龙竹园饭店)

Add: Requan Road, Longling County, Baoshan Prefecture

Tel: 0875-6123689

2.Tenglong Muslim Restaurant(腾龙清真食馆)

Add: Southern Requan Road, Longling County, Baoshan Prefecture

Tel: 0875-6124705

More restaurants please refer to our Longling Restaurants below.

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