Luliang County Shopping

Luliang Shopping: Most visitors come to Luliang and are amazed by the numberous local flavors. For example, the fried potatoes, Mayi Sanzi, a kind of fried sweet food. People here favor spicy food, you can see the fried potatoes, selling along the roadside everywhere, which is spicy but delicious.

What to buy

1.Mayi Sanzi(麻依馓子): a kind of fried sweet with wheat flour,sesame as its materials.

2.Honey-sweet pear(蜜香梨): this kind of pear, which was brought in by a governor from Nanjing during Ming Dynasty. It became the tribute to the court,and was highly praised by the emperor of its honey-like sweetness.

3.Luliang Songrong Mushroom(陆良松茸菌): mainly grows in the Sand Forest of Luliang,which is mostly sold to Japan since 1988.

4.Dianlu Wine(滇鹿系列酒): it contains many kinds,like deer embryo wine, deer blood wine, deer bone wine, which help to strengthen the body's immune ability, and is favored by customers home and abroad after selling to them.

5.Luliang Dark(陆良板鸭): with a long history of producting, it's made out of adult darks. 

6.Soaked Pear(浸梨): it is mostly favored by peasants in villages. It is soaked in cold water,adding salt, sugar in the water. It tastes sore but delicious,little bit salty.

7.Luliang Fried potatoes(陆良薯条): after cutting the potatoes into pieces, to fry it and add salt, spicy and other materials to make it decilious. You can see the fried potatoes almost in every corner of Luliang county.

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