Meili Snow Mountain Travel Tips

Meili Snow Mountain, also named as Prince Snow Mountain, is located 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) northeast of Deqin County of Yunnan Province. It sits on the border of Yunnan Province and Tibet. The three famous rivers Jinsha River, Mekong River (Nu River) and Salwen River (Lancang River) flow through the area.

 Best Time to Visit Meili Snow Mountain

The good season to visit Meili Snow Mountain is from October to next May, but the best time is after the end of October, where it is sunny with clean air. It is clear to see the main peak frequently. If you travel in other seasons, it will depend on luck to see the peak clearly. It is easier to see the beautiful snow mountain in the early morning when the sun rises.
However, the weather at Meili Snow Mountain Area is constantly changing. Tourists seldom see Kawagebo Peak. But, it is easier to see the Kawagebo Peak at about 8-9 o’clock in the morning at the end of autumn and the beginning of spring.

Ideal Spots to See Meili Snow Mountain

1. State Highway No. 214: Tourists could see a panoramic view of Meili Snow Mountain. As the road is narrow, tourists should not stand there for a long time.
2. Wunongding Viewing Platform: It is along State Road No. 214 from Shangri-la to Deqin, about 15 km from Deqin County. There are 13 white pagodas at Wunongding Village. It is open to see spectacular view of Meili Snow Mountain.
3. Feilaisi Temple: Feilaisi Temple is located about 11 km from Deqin County, on the way from Deqin to Tibet along No. 214 State Road. The local Tibetans and pedestrians often burn incense and pray in Feilaisi Temple. It is the best place to view the sunrise and sunset of Meili Snow Mountain. The temple has already been developed to a fully-functional tourist destination, where tourists could find guesthouse or inn, restaurants, bars. Most tourists choose to stay at Feilaisi Temple for viewing the sunrise and sunset or going to Yubengand Mingyong Glaciers more conveniently.

How to get to Meili Snow Mountain

There is no direct train to Meili Snow Mountain. You can transfer at Kunming, Lijiang or Dali if you travel by train. Then take a long-distance bus to Deqin County, where you can change to the long-distance bus to Meili Snow Mountain.

There are buses from Shangri-la to Deqin at 07:20, 08:20, 09:20 and 12:00 every day. It takes about 5 hours for driving. When you reach Deqin, you could rent a taxi or mini-van to Feilaisi Temple where you could see Meili Snow Mountain.


Although Meili Snow Mountain is a famous attraction, there is no Bank of China. If visitors have any money exchange demands, please go to Banks of China in Diqing or in Kunming.


Due to the high altitude of the Meili Snow Mountain, visitors from all over the world may have altitude sickness. Although there are no large hospitals near Meili Snow Mountain, the hospitals in Deqin County are stationed at the foot of the mountain to provide tourists with the services they need.

Dressing Tips

The temperature difference on the plateau is large, even in the summer morning and evening, you should wear long-sleeved jackets, especially in December, January, and February, down jackets, thick cotton coats, and jackets are all necessary.

Useful Numbers

  1. Tourist Compliant: 0887-8412748
  2. Telephone Number Inquiry: 114
  3. Weather Forecast: 121
  4. Tourism Information Inquiry: 0887-8412748
  5. Deqin County Coach Station:0887-8413322

Other Tips

Ultraviolet radiation is stronger in the plateau area. Visitors need to do a good job of sun protection, prepare sun hats, umbrellas, and high SPF sunscreen. In addition, you can carry some common outdoor medicines for emergency needs. Local sanitary conditions are limited, so visitors shall carry some dry and wet tissue. Facing up the beautiful sceneries, many tourists naturally take numerous pictures, and they should prepare the films and mobile power supply.

People in the area of Meili Snow Mountain believe in Tibetan Buddhism. We must respect the culture and beliefs of the Tibetan people when enter in the Tibetan area. Do not talk about the sensitive issues related to politics and religion. Do not watch Tibetan celestial burials. Meili Snow Mountain is the holy mountain of Tibetan area, tourists shall respect the local manners and customs and religious belief. Do not make any gestures to the holy mountain. Do not tear and tread the Prayer Flags hung by Tibetan people.

When entering into the temple, first left foot, then right foot. Do not step on the threshold. You should take off your hat to enter into the temple. The sequence of visiting the temple should be observed in a clockwise direction. When encountering the religious facilities, such as, monasteries, prayer stones, pagodas, visitors shall go from left to right and must not cross the implements and the brazier. Do not shout loudly and touch the Buddha statues and throw litter in the Buddhist temple. Do not record photograph in the temple without the permission. It is forbidden to use fingers to point to Buddha statues, Thangka, scriptures and murals. Flatten the fingers with the palm of your hand to show respect. For the amulets, rosary and other religious artifacts worn by the lama, do not touch by hands. Please be quiet in the temple. It is prohibited to be loud, hunt, kill near the temple.

When Tibetan people offer Hada, they should put their hands together and let their Tibetan people hand on their necks. They can’t take them off immediately. When accepting gifts, pick up the gifts by two hands. When presenting as a gift, hold their hands over their heads. Do not look around indoors. Do not touch the heads of Tibetan people.

Except for the drivers who are experienced in self-driving travel, others do not recommend driving by themselves. Some of them are unfamiliar with the road conditions. Some roads are narrow and curve, the road conditions are relatively poor, and there are more trucks to and from the city. What’s more, the altitude increases gradually along the way. If you drive by car, you will not be able to drive after altitude sickness. If you insist on driving, it will threat your safety.