Pojun Camp of Meili Snow Mountain

The mystery of the north slope of Meili snow Mountain is revealed for the first time

In Tibet, there is a snowy mountain, which is still the virgin peak. Man has never reached the top, and never will (banned by law). On the night of January 3, 1991, 17 Chinese and Japanese climbers were engulfed by an avalanche.

The news shocked the world. As the world mourned, it remembered the name: The Meili snow Mountain (Kawa Gabo).

KawaGabo peak, the main peak of Taizi snow mountain(太子雪山主峰) and the first of the eight sacred mountains in Tibetan area, is located in the world famous “three rivers parallel flow” area, with an altitude of 6,740 meters. It is the highest peak in Yunnan province and is recognized as the most beautiful snow mountain in the world.

He is qualified as the “god of snow mountain”.

Over the years, people have come to Meili snow Mountain(梅里雪山) for various reasons. There are Tibetan believers, to the mountains, pilgrimage. In their hearts, Kawagabo was God, the god of the mountains. Geologist, zoologist, went to scientific research. Because of the extreme drop (nearly 5,000 meters), from tropical rain forests to alpine ice and snow, the equivalent of the earth from the equator to the arctic, has the most abundant plant and animal resources. There are outdoor explorers, go to merry, find yourself. Because it is the top ten most beautiful mountains in China.

 The tibetans believer that each sacred mountain dominates the nature, while Kawagbo dominates the whole nature.

They even felt that, in the face of Kawagbo(卡瓦格博), even praise was superfluous and disrespectful.

For at the feet of Kawagabo, every word of praise sees only a tiny part of it and ignores the whole nature it rules. The so-called, the United States speechless, only heart respect.

Where is Meili secret?

When it comes to Meili snow mountain, we first think of Yubeng village(雨崩村).

A little attention, will find that rain collapse at the foot of the goddess peak, but is “prince thirteen peak”, the most left one. The Meili peaks, including the main peak, are still on the right.

 Open Google map, it is more clear: rain collapse, in the southeast corner of the snow mountain group, large snow mountain glacier in the north and Tibet territory.

 Passing by the temple, overlooking a row of big snow mountains, called “prince thirteen peak.”

People think that Meili snow mountain consists of 13 big snow mountains. In fact, in Meili hinterland, there are dozens of snow-capped mountains of different sizes, standing between the lancang river and the Nu River.

Now that the rain has collapsed, it’s very convenient to get there. There are many inns, restaurants and bars, which are developing towards Switzerland and are a good place for leisure tourism.

And the real Meili hinterland, but little-known, no one set foot in, can be called the secret.

梅里新秘境 Meili’s new secret

Today, I would like to share with you the location of the filming of the mystery of the sacred grass, which is located in the new mystery of the north slope of Meili: Pojun Camp(坡均营地). Pojun camp, which means in Tibetan, is the valley floor where the gods live.

A mountain separated from the Pojun Camp, there is another camp called Pojiang, which means: the high place where the gods live. One big glacial lake, five big glaciers, five big snow mountains, turn over the near snow mountains and stars, walk towards the Leo snow mountains, and you will get the magnificent lake… To be honest, I’m not worried that if it comes out, people will flock to it.

So called secret territory, because the journey is long, difficult, and without any conveniences. It is not prepared for the majority of people, only a few with the spirit of adventure, it is possible to approach the sacred mountain, witness the truth.

The fate of Pojun

It started three years ago.

That year, I met three surveyors in a mountain camp. They’re here to verify the place names.

Verifying place names is not easy. People do not need to verify, only desolate inhabited mountains, valleys, lakes, people need to verify.

Around fire, said one of the surveyors, was so beautiful that one could not have believed it if one had not seen it with one’s own eyes.

‘yes, yes,’ said the other, ‘so many places, it’s very beautiful, very beautiful!

What is the secret of Po jun?

1, Avalanche

Why are avalanches so common?

Because it is near the snow mountain! In pojun, snow mountain is in front of us, glacier is close at hand.

2, Collection and life

Here, not a tourist area, not scenic spots, even outdoor travelers have not come, just a collection camp.

What is a gathering camp?

It is since ancient times, people go up the mountain to collect medicine, the distance is too far, have to eat and live on the mountain, years and years, formed a camp.

History tells us that man went from gathering, to farming, to today’s industrial society.

In the depths of Meili, people still lived by gathering. Chop wood, carry water, burn fire, roast meat. Coming here, you can appreciate how human childhood is spent.

3.The face of the everlasting earth.

4, The recent sunshine Meili

Walk alone in the wilderness. Overhead clouds, accompanied by the wind, looked up and saw the rising sun jinhui, landed on top of the snow mountain.

5, The starry galaxy

The twinkling stars, like a snow peak punctured the sky, light from the sky leakage.

6, All kinds of rare flowers and wild animals.

 高山勺兰Alpine scoop of LAN

雪山报春花 Snow mountain primrose

雪莲Snow lotus

白唇鹿 The white-lipped deer

On the pass of the mountain, the village chief and I met a particularly beautiful big white Wolf. Pure white as the sky, unfortunately, I could not take a photo. It is always patrolling its territory, the village chief said, and it is the owner of the camp.

狮子座神山 Lion sacred mountain

Surrounded by huge snow-capped mountains, locals don’t know the names. I went down to study the map and found that on the oldest map of Deqin, some snow mountains had names.

ChuGui LaKa (no head peak/粗归腊卡(无首峰)) : 5,993 meters above sea level, Tibetan meaning above the round lake peak, peak shape, like a black bear claw.

NaiRi DingKa(奶日顶卡): 6,379 meters above sea level, meaning “holy mountain top” in Tibetan.

MangKuang LaKa(芒框腊卡): altitude 6400 meters, meaning unknown, may be “white Wolf in the sky” meaning.

To the right of the glacier lies a lion, known locally as the Lion snow mountain(狮子座雪山).

The top of the mountain ice lake

Besides, I have to mention, a mysterious frozen lake.

Next to the camp, there is a “goddess water”.

The so-called goddess water is in thousands of meters of cliff, flowing a white water. Up above the white water, there is a huge frozen lake.

No one dares to go to the frozen lake.

Some people climb up, see a lot of dead trees across the inside, down a short time, was broken by wood waist. Some people climb up, see a lot of bones at the bottom of the lake, the results of the mountain seriously ill, thin bones before death.

It sounds very heresy, mountain people think, go to the glacial lake will offend the mountain god.

This is not a legend, but a real event. Many times, I tried to climb it, but I was discouraged.

In the view of the mountain people, the head of the frozen lake, became a god.

My friend flew up in a plane. In aerial photo video, we see a huge area of snow, at the neck of the snow mountain, high above the glacier.

The frozen lake has been covered with snow, leaving it white and barren.

How to get to the secret place?

First of all, declare that without the local people accompanying you, do not enter rashly!

It’s not just over cliffs and glaciers, it’s a dangerous way. There are frequent incidents of large black bears being mauled and maim. Also, when you live in a camp, you need someone to cut wood, carry water, and guard against wolves. Without experience in the wild, it’s very dangerous.

There are some mountain roads that, at certain times of the year, you should never walk on. The avalanche came down and they were gone

The starting point of hiking is yagong village, foshan township, deqin county.

Yagon village from deqin county, about 70 kilometers, bus, drive past, about 2 hours.

From deqin, follow national highway 214 to Tibet. Drive to 51 bridge, cross bridge, at bridge head, see a big stone, write: yagon village.

Leave the national road, along this road, has been winding mountain up, about 15 kilometers, then arrived at Yagon village(亚贡村).


Day 1: Shangri-la collection; Visit the largest temple in Yunnan. Songzanlin temple, known as the little potala palace, supplies at the market in the afternoon and stays at the four-star shangri-la hotel

Day 2: Nixi Black pottery, Benzilan, Baima Snow Mountain, Deqin fly temple: Over night fly temple.

Day 3: see Meili snow mountain in the morning, fly temple to burn incense and pray, arrive at Yagon village by car about 70 kilometers in the afternoon, live the local houses

Day 4: Yagong starts to hike to the first stop, Zhao Yin,  to camp

Day 5: Zhao Yin hiked to Pojun(坡均营地), the second stop, and camped

Day 6: Po jun tour day, stay and camp

Day 7: Po jun hiking Po jiang to ZhuSe Buden(主色布登营地), live camp 】

Day 8: Zhuse Buden – Yagon Village(亚贡村) – fly temple – Cizhong, live in ci zhong village

Day 9: Cizhong – Tong le village(同乐村) – Weixi – Ta cheng – lijiang. live in lijiang

Day 10: Lijiang fly Kunming over!