Shilin County Transportation

With Shilin County's rapid economic development and gradually promoting facilities, the transportation is becoming more and more convenient.

How to Get in?

Bus Terminal

 Passengger Bus Station is located in the junction of  No.324 National Road and No.326 National Road.

How to Get Around?


The fare for public buses is RMB1 throughout Shilin County. Most of the buses in the city start at 6:00 am and end at 10:30 pm. Passengers should stand close to the door if they want to get off, otherwise, the driver may simply not stop. Some buses also have an English recording that calls out the names of stops.


Taxi fare in Xundian County is RMB8 for the first 3 km and RMB1.8 for each additional km (RMB9.6 and RMB2.7 after 10 PM). For a trip longer than 10 km, the part after 10km is charged RMB2.7/km.

 Sharing Bicycle

Sharing bicycle is another option in Shilin County. You need to download an APP, such as OFO Bicycle. The deposit is 99 yuan and can be refunded at any time. New registration is free for five times, 1 yuan an hour. Riding fee is 1 yuan per 60 minutes for ofo and 0.5 yuan per 60 minutes for students.

Because the Stone Forest is the most important attraction of Shilin County, we provide tourists  some of the best options to go to the Stone Forest.

1. Public Bus: There are public buses going back and forth between Kunming and The Stone Forest. You can find them at the Eastern bus station of Kunming, The operation hours are 8:00~18:30. Price:27 CNY  per person include insurance. Duration: about 90 minutes

Contact Number(联系电话): 0871-63833680

2. Train: You can also get on a train to get to The Stone Forest.  Duration:90 minutes, Price : 8~19 CNY per person

Contact Number(联系电话);0871-66140964

3. Rent a car: You can rent a taxi and ask the drive to take you to The Stone Forest, It will cost you around 500~600 CNY for a round-trip, you can always negotiate about the price.

If You have possession of a Chinese driver license, you can rent a from car rental company for a very low price, they usually charge around 200-300 include insurance for a day.