Weixi County Festivals and Events

As the main minority inhabited in Weixi County, Lisu people created brilliant culture and customs, among which the unique traditional festivals of  Lisu Group enjoy good fame and attract tourists home and abroad to visit.

1. Kuoshi (阔什)

In Weixi County is an intimate festival known as Kuoshi. It is a way to welcome spring time. It usually lasts for a couple of days, though in some places the affair can be good for an entire month. Like the other festivals, there will be a lot of dancing and singing, with men and women garbed in their traditional costumes. They also create their rice wines by preparing them over sand. Interestingly, the wines are served in bowls, which are then shared by two people. Even if you are a foreigner you can join the celebration and partake with the wine.

2. Sword Ladder Climbing Festival (刀杆节)

Ever climbed up a swaying pole over thirty-six sharpened machete-blades on your bare feet? Well, if you cant not cut out to be a Lisu man. In Lunma Village, every year, Lisu men climb the sword pole on the occasion of the Daogan, or Sword Pole. Yes, it hurts. No, no-one really get injured. How come? Well, you have to be a Lisu man to do it.

3. Shouhuo (Harvest) Festival (收获节)

The Shouhuo (Harvest) Festival of Lisu Ethnic Minority is generally held every September and October of the lunar calendar. The biggest activity of the Harvest Festival is that everyone is making wine and has a taste of what is just in season. Some people even go to the ground and harvest and drink wine, accompanied by singing and dancing, they often go all night and enjoy themselves.

4. Thanksgiving Day (感恩节)

More than 100 years ago, the missionaries brought Thanksgiving Day to Lisu people. Nowadays, it has become a folk festival cherished by the monks, and the national characteristics are rich. The dates for Thanksgiving Day are different in different churches and regions, which will be customized according to the harvest time or the situation in the village, but generally after the autumn harvest.