Ximeng County Accommodation

Where to Stay in Ximeng County

Ximeng County is a county under the jurisdiction of Pu'er City, Yunnan Province, China. There are many hotels around Ximeng County. Yunnan Exploration will provide the best hotels for you. The recommended hotels as follows:

1. Zheshang Fashion Hotel in Ximeng Puer(普洱西盟浙商时尚酒店)

Add: No. 446 Mengka Road, Ximeng County
Tel: 0879-8222333  

2. Misty Lake Resort(西盟秘境佤寨稻田庄园)

Add: No. 383 Longtan Road, Ximeng County
Tel: 13408966513

3. Longyu Hotel in Ximeng County(西盟龙裕大酒店)

Add: No. 80 Mengsuo Road, Ximeng County
Tel: 0879-8342666 

4. Hongyun Hotel in Ximeng County(西盟鸿运宾馆)

Add: No. 485 Mengka Road, Ximeng County
Tel: 15087951313

5. Qianyuan Hotel in Ximeng County(西盟茜苑酒店)

Add: No. 536 Mengka Road, Ximeng County
Tel: 0879-8348389

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