Yongsheng County Shopping

As “the Land of Fish and Rice”, Yongsheng County boasts too many local products. Here we introduce you some which you can buy for your relatives or friends.

1.Sanchuan Ham(三川火腿)

Without preservative and additive, Sanchuan Ham is a traditional food with over 400 years history.  It is low salt and low nitrite. 

2.Spiral Seaweed(螺旋藻)

Spirulina is one of the most original species on the earth, which possesses rich and varied nutrients. The Chenghai Lake in Yongsheng Country, Yunnan Province is one of the three famous lakes in the world that can Spirulina naturally grow.

3.Walnut Products

Yongsheng County is rich in wild walnuts, with an area of more than 100,000 mu and an annual output of 6000 ~ 10000 tons. Yongsheng county planted high quality walnuts trees of more than 10,000 mu.


There are 9 main honey plants and more than 60 auxiliary plants grown in Yongsheng County. It is a main beekeeping county in Yunnan province.

5. Yonsheng Pomegranate

Yonsheng Pomegranate with soft seed is big and as red as an agate, called the best pomegranate in Lijiang. In 2015. it won the national gold award in the National Pomegranate.

6. Yongsheng Porcelain

As early as the 8th year of Tongzhi of Qing dynasty (1869), Yongsheng porcelain can be mass produced. In 1960, when prime minister Zhou Enlai visited Myanmar, he presented this county the Yongsheng porcelain.

7. Cangyang Pottery

Yongsheng was commonly known as "cangyang" in the past. Cangyang pottery is the product of Biantun Culture(屯民实边), namely the arts crystallization of the cultural integration between Han and ethnic groups.

Most of the local products could be found in the supermarket or you can consult our tour guide where to buy them.