Yuanmou County Festivals and Events

Yuanmou County is a typical multi-ethnic united county with a long history and culture and thick ethnic folklores. Various ethnic minorities have created colorful festivals in Yuanmou County. Besides, there are many activities and entertainments in Yuanmou County. We provide you with a brief view of them.

Festivals in Yuanmou County 

1. Huashan Festival of Miao Ethnic Minority (苗族花山节)

Huashan Festival, as its name implies, is a festival on "Huashan Mountain". The core spirit is national unity and happy gathering. In essence, it is the memory of the martyrs such as Chiyou, nostalgia for the homeland and yearning for a new life.

2. Easter Sunday of Miao Ethnic Minority (苗族基督徒庆祝复活节)

On April 8, the Miao Church of Jinyatang, Yuanmou County held an Easter gathering. The fellow workers and believers from Yuanmou, Lufeng and Fumin participated in Thanksgiving worship.

3. Kuoshi Festival of Lisu Ethnic Minority (傈僳族阔时节)

Kuoshi Festival is also called New Year of Lisu Ethnic Minority or Lage Festival, which is the most solemn traditional festival of Lisu.

4. Torch Festival of Yi Ethnic Minority (彝族火把节)

Torch Festival falls on the 24th of the sixth lunar mouth. Several days before the festival, women and children will dye their their nails with balsam red to commemorate Madame Bojie, who searched for his dead husband in fie when Pi Luoge burnt Songming Tower during Nanzhao era and her fingers were covered with blood.

5. Xinhua Rural Tourism Festival & Peach and Chinese Plum Festival (旅游节暨桃李节)

The festival will not only have a cheerful opening ceremony performance, but also a lively fruit market. On both sides of Xinhua Street, it will be filled with all kinds of fruits: grapes, mangoes, bananas, litchi, jack fruit and so on. The fruit is overflowing.

Entertainment of Yuanmou County:

 After a day of journey, We find some leisure and entertainment for tourists to relieve you for a day's exhaustion.

1. Tea House

Tea houses can be seen everywhere, local people will enjoy their time in these tea houses. we pick up some for tourists, such as Xiangshuiming Tea house(湘水名茶楼) and Shangcheng Shuiyi (尚城水逸).

2. KTV

If  tourists want to sing songs, there are some karaoke with good environment and service, such as Yingtai Hotel KTV (盈泰大酒店-KTV) and Ouxinile KTV(欧西尼乐KTV).

3. Massage

Massage is a good way to comfort tired bodies, so we search some good massage houses for tourists, such as Zuomu Massage(左木养身馆) and Honglian Massage(红莲养生馆).

4. Bar

Bars are another place to relax at night, we also search some romantic bars with cheap price, such as Jingcheng Bar (景城酒吧) and Kaisa Bar (凯撒Bar酒吧).

We provide tourists more information about entartainment of Yuanmou County.