Zhenkang County

Zhenkang County Overview

Chinese Name: 镇康县 English IPA: Zhenkang county Location: Southwest of Yunnan Population (city): 182,800 Language: Yunnan Dialect Zip code: Tel code: Time zone:

Zhenkang county(镇康县) is located in the southwest of Yunnan province, the west of Lincang city, between the downstream of the Nanting river(南汀河) and the downstream of the Nujiang river(怒江). Geographical coordinates is east longitude 98°40’19”-99°22’42”, north latitude 23° 37’14”-24°15’32”. The county has a circumference of 318.6 kilometers, of which the borderline is 96.358 kilometers. Zhenkang county is 71.9 kilometers wide, 70.6 kilometers long and the total land area is 2,642 square kilometers. The county borders Yongde county(永德县) in the east, Gengma county(耿马县) in the south, Kokang county(果敢县), which is the first Shanbang(掸邦) special zone of Myanmar, in the west and Longling county in the north. It is one of 25 border counties in Yunnan province.

Highlights of Zhenkang County

Unique Border Location Advantage 

Zhenkang is adjacent to Myanmar, with a borderline of 96.358 kilometers. The county has one country’s second-class open port and six frontier points. It is the important passage along the ancient southwest Silk Road, the inland window of opening-up, the important channel of exchanges between China and Myanmar and one of the important ports from southwest Yunnan and west Lincang into Southeast Asia.

Abundant Biological Resources Advantage

Zhenkang has abundant resources of medicinal plant, with more than one thousand kinds of medicinal materials commonly used. Among the 133 drugs that have been investigated, 36 of them are over half a million kilograms. There are many kinds of wild animals, such as phayre’s leaf monkey (灰叶猴), peacocks and mackerel(四须鲅鱼).

Regional Landscape Tourism and Ethnic Cultural Resources Advantage

The main scenic spots are Nujiang mountain and canyon landscape tour(怒江高山峡谷地貌游), Karst landform tour, geothermal resources tour, ethnic customs tour and so on.




Other Destinations in Zhenkang County

    Zhenkang County Attractions

    There are rich natural resources in Zhenkang. Natural resources of Zhenkang include unique border location advantage, superior climate resource, abundant biological resource advantage, abundant water resource, rich mineral resources and regional landscape tourism and ethnic cultural resources advantage. All of these natural resources contributes to unique landscapes. Transnational Cave(南伞跨国溶洞) Nansan transnational cave is located on the border of China and Myanmar, 3 kilometers away from the southeast of Nansan town, Zhenkang county. It covers a total area of 6 square kilometers and [...]

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    Zhenkang County Tours

    In order to visit as many tourist attractions as possible and avoid wasting too much time, a reasonable tour schedule is needed. In this part, several tour packages are introduced for reference. [...]

    Climate & When to Go

    The climate in Zhenkang is warm and temperate. In winter, there is much less rainfall than in summer. Zhenkang county is tropical monsoon climate of south Asia in low-latitude mountain. Its main climatic features are the climate in most area is hot; The sunshine is sufficient; The frost period is short; Four seasons are not apparent; The rainfall is abundant; dry and wet season are distinct and vertical climate is proficient. The record high temperature is 36.3℃, the record low temperature [...]

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    Zhenkang is a remote county in west of Lincang city, Yunnan Province. It is 758.4 kilometers away from Kunming, 316.1 kilometers away from Lincang. Transportation here is mainly long-distance bus. How to Get & Leave there If you are going to Zhenkang or leaving Zhenkang, long-distance bus is major option. Otherwise, you have to charter a vehicle or drive by yourself. Two main bus terminals in Zhenkang, Nansan Bus Terminal and Zhenkang Fengwei Bus Terminal. Nansan Bus Terminal(镇康县南伞客运站) Address: Princess Road,  Zhenkang County, Lincang City(临沧市镇康县公主路) Tel: [...]

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    Festivals and Activities

    Zhengkang is a county inhabited by many ethnic groups, such as Dai(傣), Jingpo(景颇), Miao(苗), Deang(德昂), Bai(白), Lahu(拉祜), Bulang(布朗) ethnic groups. Zhenkang enjoys rich culture, has a long history and many traditional festivals and activities. Most of them with their own narrative poems, songs and love songs, also there are various nationalities myths, legends and folktales. If you travel in Zhenkang, you may experience some festivals and activities of minorities. 1. “Ashuse” Yunnan Folk Dance (阿数瑟打歌) 2. The Water-splashing Festival(Dai) 3. Door-opening Festival(common festival of Dai, [...]

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    Travel Tips

    Useful Numbers Consumer Complaint: 12315 Tourist Complaint: 0883-6983169 Telephone Number Inquiry: 114  Weather Forecast: 121 Fire: 119 Police: 110 Ambulance: 120 Phone code: 0883 zip code: 677704 What to Notice 1. Since Yunnan province is on the Yunnan-Guizhou plateau, people who come to Yunan may get an altitude sickness. 2. There are many mountains in Yunan, during the rainy season, you are supposed to prevent yourself from the natural disasters like landslide.  3. In winter, because the temperature varies widely from day to night, if you go to Zhenkang at this time, you [...]

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    Useful Maps

    For those who like travelling, maps are essential. Therefore, several traffic lines are provided here, for example, how to get to Zhenkang county from Yunxian county; how to get to Zhenkang county from Kunming; how to get to Zhenkang county from Lincang city(Linxaing district). Besides, tourist attraction map, location map and region map are also provided here. [...]

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    Zhenkang County Accommodation

    Zhenkang borders on Myanmar and has close relations with Myanmar. With the development of foreign trade, opening-up both internally and externally and tourism, the economy and infrastructure of Zhenkang have been improved. Accommodation in Zhenkang is convenient.         1. Zhenkang Anran Hotel(镇康安然大酒店)            Address: Guomen Road, Nansan Town(南伞镇国门路)            Tel: 0883-3115666            Tips: This is a four-star hotel.       2. Zhenkang Lindu International Hotel(镇康临都国际大酒店)           [...]

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