Shuangjiang County

Shuangjiang County Overview

Chinese Name: 双江县 English IPA: Shuangjiang County Location: Southwest of Yunnan Population (city): 170,000 Language: Yunnan Dialect Zip code: Tel code: Time zone:

Shuangjiang Lahu Wa Bulang Dai Autonomous County(双江拉祜族佤族布朗族傣族自治区) is the county with longest name in China, it got the name Shuangjiang because Lancang River(Mekong) and Xiaoheijiang River(小黑江) meet in the southeast of Shuangjiang county. It is a county in the southeast of Yunnan province, China and is the only autonomous county in China composed of Lahu, Wa, Bulang, Dai four main ethnic minority groups. It is under the administration of the prefecture-level city of Lincang. The tropic of cancer runs through the whole Shuangjiang county. The unique geographical climate and strong ethnic cultural customs constitute the diversity of species and the diversity of ethnic culture.The county seat, Mengmeng town, is along the national highway 214, 104 kilometers away from Lincang city, 80 kilometers away from Lincang airport, 755 kilometers away from Kunming. 

Highlights of Shuangjiang County

Multi-ethnic Culture: It is the hometown of multi-ethnic culture and the only multi-ethnic autonomous county with Lahu, Wa, Bulang, Dai four main ethnic minority groups.

Unique Geographical Climate: The tropical of cancer runs through Shuangjiang county, it is the typical subtropical warm humid monsoon climate.

Mengku Big Leaf Species Tea: It is rated as the fine traditional Chinese tea tree.


Other Destinations in Shuangjiang County

    Shuangjiang County Attractions

    The combination human landscapes and natural landscapes can make you not only feel the profound history, but also enjoy beautiful natural scenery. In Shuangjiang county, natural landscapes like Mengku Tea Mountain(勐库茶山), Dalangba Forest Park(大浪坝森林公园), Mengku Ancient Tea Valley(勐库古茶谷), Shuangjiang Ferry(双江渡口); Human landscapes like Shennong Ancestral Temple(神农嗣), Mangnuo Stone Inscriptions(忙糯石刻群), Baixiang Temple(白象寺) and many traditional villages like Nanzhi Village(南直村), Bingdao Village(冰岛村) and Sanjiacun Village(三家村) etc. More attractions and information, please check the following list. [...]

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    Shuangjiang County Tours

    In order to visit as many tourist attractions as possible and avoid wasting too much time, a reasonable tour schedule is needed. In this part, several tour packages are introduced for reference. Shuangjiang county is a county with multi-ethnic culture, Lahu, Wa, Bulang and Dai as main ethnic minorities in Shuangjiang county, they have various traditional festivals like New Rice Festival of Wa etc. In addition, there are tea planting villages, tea mountain and ancient tea trees in Shuangjiang county. [...]

    Climate & When to Go

    Shuangjiang Lahu Wa Bulang Dai Autonomous County(双江拉祜族佤族布朗族傣族自治区) is on the tropic of cancer with low latitude, high altitude and moderate climate. The climate is typical subtropical warm humid monsoon climate with abundant sunshine and adequate water resource. Vegetation coverage there reaches 62.1%. Annual average temperature is 20.2℃ and annual average rainfall is between 1000 mm and 1200 mm. Warm winter, cool summer, distinctive dry and wet season, proper temperature and humidity, abundant rainfall, deep and rich soil, all of these [...]

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    Transportation in Shuangjiang is convenient mainly by long-distance bus. There are long-distance buses gong back and forth every day. China National Highway 214 starts from Xining Qinghai(青海西宁), passing through 20 counties and cities including Shuangjiang county, finally reaches Jinghong(景洪) in Yunnan Province. The whole journey is 3256 kilometers.  1. Getting to & leaving By air 1. Lincang Airport(临沧机场) Tourists from other places, if your place has a airport, you can fly to Lincang first, then take long-distance bus to Shuangjiang county. It takes about 50 [...]

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    Festivals and Activities

    Shuangjiang county is famous for its multi-ethnic culture, Lahu, Wa, Bulang and Dai are four main ethnic minorities. There is a long history of tea, and various ethnic groups have their own method of tea making and tea-drinking custom. Therefore, festivals and activities in Shuangjiang county are mainly related to minorities and tea. 1. Water-splashing Festival Every year, the Water-splashing Festival is counted by the Dai calendar. The specific time is roughly on April 14, 15 and 16 in the Solar calendar. It [...]

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    Travel Tips

    Here are some travel tips which may help you tour in Shuangjiang county. Useful Numbers Fire: 119 Police: 110 Ambulance: 120 Weather Forecast: 121 Consumer Complaint: 12315 Telephone Number Inquiry: 114  Tourist Complaint: 0883-7121005 Dressing  Although the climate in Shuangjiang is warm all the year round, temperature in winter and spring is colder than summer and autumn. Summer and autumn can be hot and humid, you can wear summer clothes like short skirt, shorts, thin coat and so on. Large temperature difference from day to night in Winter and spring, you [...]

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    Useful Maps

    For those who like travelling, maps are essential. Therefore, maps of transportation like how to get to Shuangjiang County from Lincang City (Linxiang District) and how to get to Shuangjiang County from Kunming, as well as region map, tourist attractions map and location map of Shuangjiang county are given in this part. [...]

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    Shuangjiang County Accommodation

    Since Shuangjiang county is a small county, both economy and tourism are to be developed. There aren't many luxury hotels, but some hotels there are attractive in price. If you plan to Shuangjiang county, you can also stay at a hotel in the surrounding county, like Linxiang District. It takes 1 hour and a half from Linxiang district(the seat of Lincang municipal government) to Shuangjiang county. Chinese name English name Address Phone number 双江华耀大酒店 Shuangjiang Huayao Hotel Next to Huayao Business Street, Binhe Avenue(滨河大道华耀商业街旁) 0883-7626888 双江天鹅湖大酒店 Shuangjiang Swan Lake Hotel No.6 [...]

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