Zhenkang County Entertainment

As for nightlife activities, Zhenkang does not differ a lot from other cities in China. Bars, KTV, disco and other clubs can easily be found around the city. he moning of time (时光之晨) gathers a lots of bars and clubs for people to enjoy their night in Zhekang Red Square Tea House(红场茶馆)、Bohai Leisure Club(泊海休闲会所 )Zhenkang County cinema(镇康县影剧院)、coffee house、Tea house、Hot spring Resort and so on can be found in Shuangjiang county .You can enjoy your time here.

The moning of time 时光之晨

Address :No,10ON Yongan Road of Zhenkang County.:临沧市镇康县永安路10


Red Square Tea House红场茶馆

Address::No,19 on Gunagshan Road of Zhenkang County.临沧市镇康县广善路19


Binglin Chengxia冰淋橙夏

Address::No,14on Gunagshan Road of Zhenkang County临沧市镇康县永安路14号

Guihan lajiao Club 鬼喊辣叫俱乐部

Address:Botanical Garden of Zhenkang county云南省临沧市镇康县镇康县植物园


Bohai Leisure Club泊海休闲会所

Address::Qingdao colorful Beer City on Guangshan Roan of Zhenkang County.临沧市镇康县广善路青岛多彩扎啤城

Lindu National Hotle- Lounge Bar 临都国际大酒店-休闲吧

Address: Soth of Gongzhu road of Nnasan town of Zhenkang County.临沧市镇康县南伞公主路南段


Zhenkang County Culture House镇康县文化馆

Address::No,57 on Gongzhu Road of Zhenkang County .临沧市镇康县公主路57

Zhenkang County cinema镇康县影剧院

Address: No, 59 on Gongzhu Road of Zhenkang County .临沧市镇康县公主路59

Zhenkang county stadium;镇康县体育场

Address:on Gongzhu Road of Zhenkang County.临沧市镇康县南伞镇公主路

Baby Disneyland 宝贝乐园

Address:on Taoan Road of Zhenkang county.临沧市镇康县泰安路附近

Tel :13320495368