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Yanshan County Overview

Chinese Name: 砚山县 English IPA: Yanshan County Location: southeast of Yunnan Province and the midwest of Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture Population (city): 473,000 Language: Southwestern Mandarin Zip code: Tel code: Time zone:

Yanshan County, located in the Yunnan Province, southwest of China, is named for the picturesque and inkslab-shaped mountain. It is a multi-nationality county with Han, Zhuang, Yi, Miao, Muslim and Yao etc. They live in Yanshan in harmony and create the beautiful county. With long history, Yanshan kept the copper drum, axe and pot of West Han Dynasty, Tianxin Mosque built in Qing Dynasty etc. There are many favorable scenic spots waiting for you to explore.



Natural Landscape: Yanshan County enjoys the charming and picturesque scenery, such as Yuxianhu Lake and Tinghu Lake in Yanshan County, Wenshan.

Ethnic Culture: Yanshan is a county enjoying over 10 ethnic minorities, such as Heiyudong Village and Baishiyan Village of Panlong Yi Ethnic Town in Yanshan County, Wenshan.

Muslim Tour: There are many old architectures and mosques in Yanshan, such as Tianxin Mosque of Qing Dynasty, Maoli Mosque and Sanjiacun Mosque in Yanshan County, Wenshan.

Other Destinations in Yanshan County

    Yanshan County Attractions

    There is much to see or to do in Yanshan County. Travelers, especially visitors who are inclined to countryside trip always regard Yanshan as the ideal destination. Except for the charming scenery, Yanshan enjoys the long history and many handcrafts in the past. There are also diverse ethnic minorities in Yanshan, so you definitely shouldn’t miss the festivals of minorities, it’s a good chance for travelers to explore ethnic culture. Yunnan Exploration shows you the top attractions of Yanshan County, such as Yuxianhu Lake, Tinghu Lake [...]

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    Yanshan County Tours

    Traveling to Yanshan must be a amazing experience. There are so many highlights in Yanshan. Travelers can appreciate the panoramic view of clear lakes, emerald mountains, booming flowers and enchanting karst landscape. In order to help you to find the beauty here, Yunnan Exploration offers travelers the best-quality Yanshan tours and tour packages of Yanshan County, such as 11 Days Yunnan Spring Photograph Tour With Luoping Rapeseed Flowers, Bamei Village And Yuanyang Hani Rice Terrace Field. Yanshan travel packages can be planned based on personal specific needs. [...]

    Climate & When to Go

    Yanshan County enjoys the north subtropical plateau monsoon climate of low latitude, with the highest temperature of 33.4 centigrade, lowest  - 7.8 centigrade. The season does not change a lot. The whole year is humid. Travelers can visit Yanshan around the year. Yunan Exploration offers some information about climate of Yanshan County. Climate data for Yanshan (1981−2010) Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year Record high °C (°F) 28.1 (82.6) 29.9 (85.8) 32.0 (89.6) 32.9 (91.2) 34.9 (94.8) 32.5 (90.5) 31.9 (89.4) 30.7 (87.3) 31.1 (88) 30.1 (86.2) 28.0 (82.4) 27.3 (81.1) 34.9 [...]

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    Yanshan county is located n the vital position to link Dian, Guiand Mian, the transportation of Yanshan County is convenient. It reaches all directions and the National highway 323 through  all  county. There are A class highway: Yanshan-Pingyuan Highway(砚山-平远高速公路), Pingyuan-Suo Longsi Highway (平远-锁龙寺高速公路,Luocun-Yanshan Highway(罗村口-砚山高速公, 2 class highway is: Yanshan -Wenshan highway (砚山-文山二级公路), Pingyuan-Wenshan Highway (平远-文山二级公路). Here are some information about how to get in Yanshan County and get around Yanshan County.   How to Get in 1.By Air Air Transport Wenshan Puzhehei Airport (IATA: WNH, [...]

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    Festivals and Activities

    Yanshan is a county with over 10 ethnic groups, which create the colorful small county. Ethnic festivals here are the important part of ethnic culture. Travelers also can learn more about their sacrifice ritual, legendary and more custom. You can find the featured activities in Yanshan County here. Sanyuesan Festival of Zhuang People 壮族三月三 Sanyuesan is the grandest festival of Zhuang people, representing the Luoyue 骆越 culture. Zhuangs hold many games and performances during the festival. Sacrifice ritual 祭竜 is the main activity in Qiubei.  Eid [...]

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    Travel Tips

    1.Where to Stay Yuxiang Garden Hotel of Yanshan County 砚山御翔花园酒店 Shangde Liangting Hotel of Yanshan County砚山尚德良庭酒店 Longhuyuan Hotel of Yanshan County 砚山龙湖元酒店 Yilin Hotel of Yanshan County 砚山亿林酒店     2.What to Visit Luduke Catholic Church in Yanshan County, Wenshan 砚山县鲁都克天主教堂   Jiayi Martyrs Cemetery in Yanshan County, Wenshan 砚山县稼依烈士宫 Yuxianhu Lake in Yanshan County, Wenshan 砚山县浴仙湖 Tinghu Lake in Yanshan County, Wenshan  砚山县听湖 The Site of Ameng Meeting in Yanshan County, Wenshan  砚山县阿猛会议 Tianxin Mosque in Yanshan County, Wenshan 砚山平远田心清真寺 Maoli Mosque in Yanshan County, Wenshan 砚山茂力清真寺 Sanjiacun Mosque in Yanshan County, Wenshan 砚山三家村清真寺   Chongsheng Mosque in Yanshan County, Wenshan 砚山崇圣清真寺 Xiaoshiqiao Mosque [...]

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    Useful Maps

    Map is an important tool in travel which can help us find the destinations easily. If you meet a new place, map should be with you. Yunnan exploration offers map of Yanshan County for you dear to make the travel in Yanshan Prefecture more convenient. You can check our detailed maps, including map of Yanshan location, map of Yanshan attractions, map of Yanshan tour routes, transportation of Yanshan County.   [...]

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    Yanshan County Accommodation

    There is no luxury hotel or star hotel in Yanshan, but budget and featured hotel and guest house. You can choose the hotel according to your requirements. We offers some best hotels of Yanshan County for you. English Name Chinese Name Address Telephone Number Yuxiang Garden Hotel of Yanshan County 砚山御翔花园酒店   Minhang Road, Jiangna Town, Yanshan County, Wenshan Prefecture 0876-3130899 Shangde Liangting Hotel of Yanshan County 砚山尚德良庭酒店   Near Xinping Square, Xinping Road, Pingyuan Town, Yanshan County, Wenshan Prefecture 0876-8843888  Longhuyuan Hotel of Yanshan County 砚山龙湖元酒店   Near Longhu Park, Qixiang Avenue, Yanshan County, Wenshan Prefecture 0876-3891111  Yilin Hotel [...]

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