Luduke Catholic Church in Yanshan County, Wenshan

Why is the Luduke Catholic Church So Special?

Luduke Catholic Church鲁都克教堂 is located about 130 kilometers west of Yanshan county, Yunnan province. It is 2200 meters above sea level and has a cold climate. It is a mixed area of Miao and Yi minorities. Founded in 1908, it is one of two Catholic churches that Wenshan Prefecture has approved to open. This church is a courtyard house with stone and wood structure, covering an area of about 700 square meters. It has the characteristic of French style architecture. It is also a key cultural relic protection unit of Wenshan Prefecture. In 2002, it was listed as the patriotism education base of Yunnan province, with rich landscape levels.

According to the introduction of local informed old person, the bell that this bell tower set originally weighs 90 catties, the bell tone can spread 3 kilometers away. There is a classroom behind the bell tower, covering an area of 42 square meters. It was the place where the priest preached, and it is now a regular place of worship for local followers.

About Luduke Village

Luduke village鲁都克村 is a ethnic minority village dominated by Miao and Yi people. It was an early place for French missionary Catholicism in southeastern Yunnan. The “Luduke Catholic Church”, a famous religious building, keeps intact there and is a key cultural relic protection unit of Yunnan province. The development of tourist attractions in Luduke Village, Heiba Grassland黑巴草场, has begun to see results.

Nearby Attraction

Xiangshuilong Miao Ethnic Village

Xiangshuilong Miao Ethnic Village响水龙苗族村, located at Sanhe Village Committee三合村委会 of Panlong Yi Ethnic Town in Yanshan County, Wenshan, is a distinctive ethnic village with Miao and Zhuang minority, as well as strong ethnic culture. Every year on the second day to seventh day of the first lunar month, the Miao compatriots from various villages get together to celebrate Huashan Festival花山节, the grandest festival of Miao minority.

How to Get There

The main means of transportation to Luduke Catholic Church is long-distance bus. Of course, you can also drive there if possible. There are long-distance buses from Kunming to Yanshan County. Then another 2 hours is needed from Yanshan County to Luduke Village. Usually, there are chartered buses at Yanshan Bus Terminal. As for price, you can discuss with the driver.

Kunming East Bus Station-Yanshan Bus Terminal

Departure Time: 10:00, 11:30, 14:00, 20:30

Price: 113 CNY

Distance: 308 kilometers

Consume Time: 3.5-4 hours

Best Time to Visit

No matter when you go to Luduke Catholic Church鲁都克天主教堂, you can feel the profound history and strong ethnic culture there. Therefore, Luduke Catholic Church visit is possible all the year round. 

Accommodation Around Luduke Catholic Church

You are suggested to return to Yanshan County for overnight, accommodation conditions in Yanshan County are relatively good.

1. Yulan Hotel砚山御澜大酒店

Address: No.8, Xingcheng Avenue, Yanshan County, Wenshan文山州砚山县兴城大道8号

Tel: 0876-3121111

Starting Price: 158 CNY

2. Longhuyuan Hotel砚山龙湖元酒店

Address: Qixiang Avenue, Yanshan County, Wenshan文山州砚山县七乡大道

Tel: 0876-3891111

Starting Price: 145 CNY

3. Yancao Hotel砚山县烟草大酒店

Address: Yanhua East Road, Yanshan County, Wenshan文山州砚山县砚华东路

Tel: 0876-3130888

Starting Price: 125 CNY

Useful Travel Tips

1. If you are not catholic, you are suggested to know something about catholic culture.

2. Luduke Village has small amount of rain, ultraviolet ray is strong. You are supposed to bring sun cream, sunhat, sunglasses and other sunscreen products.

3. Bring some water with you because of drought climate.