Kunming (Yunnan) – Hong Kong High Speed Trains

Travel to Kunming from Hong Kong by high speed train is available for tourists.
Kunming is the capital and largest city in Yunnan Province, Southwest China and the highlights are Stone ForestJiuxiang Caves, Dongchuan Red Land, Western Hill, etc.
Hong Kong is an autonomous territory on the eastern side of the Pearl River estuary in South China. It welcomes with an iconic skyline, a legendary kitchen, and lush, protected nature where rare birds and colourful traditions thrive. The highlights of Hong Kong travel are Victoria Peak – the highest mountain on Hong Kong island,  Repulse Bay – the Hawaii of Orient, Man Mo Temple – one of the oldest and best-known temples built in 1848 and others such as Aberdeen fishing villageKim Tin Walled VillageLam Tsuen Wishing TreeStanley Market.
On September 23th, 2018, along with the opening of the Guangzhou – Shenzhen – Hong Kong High-Speed Railway, the high-speed train from Hong Kong to Kunming also began operation. Hong Kong’s high speed train station – West Kowloon Railway Station has been put into service and operates 1 daily train to Kunming South Railway Station in Yunnan. The total length is 1515 kilometers and running hours are 7.5 hours. The ticket price for a second class seat is CNY 750. The top speed is 200 km/h in Hong Kong and 300 km/h in Mainland China.

Hong Kong – Kunming High-Speed Train 

Hong Kong – Kunming

There are 1 high speed train available every day from Hong Kong to Kunming.
Tourists can take the train at West Kowloon Railway Station to Kunming South Railway Station.

Train Schedule

Train No. Departure – Arrival Travel Time Price
G312 12:05 – 19:47 7h42m B.C: 2287 CNY
F.C: 1220 CNY
S.C: 750.5 CNY

Please Note: B.C refers to Business Class, F.C to First Class, S.C to Second Class. Business Class is the most expensive class with three leathered chairs that can be declined to flat in a row. First Class is more comfortable and spacious with four chairs in a row. Second Class is the cheapest and the most common one with five chairs in a row.

Kunming – Hong Kong

There are 1 high speed train available every day from Kunming to Hong Kong
Tourists can take the train at Kunming South Railway Station to West Kowloon Railway Station.

Train Schedule

Train No. Departure – Arrival Travel Time Price
G314 09:21-16:57 7h36m B.C: 2287 CNY
F.C: 1220 CNY
S.C: 750.5 CNY

Please Note: B.C refers to Business Class, F.C to First Class, S.C to Second Class. Business Class is the most expensive class with three leathered chairs that can be declined to flat in a row. First Class is more comfortable and spacious with four chairs in a row. Second Class is the cheapest and the most common one with five chairs in a row.

How to Make a Yunnan Tour from Hong Kong?

Where to Start or End a Yunnan Tour?

Since there are high-speed trains connecting Hong Kong and Kunming, so we recommend you to start or end your Yunnan tour from Kunming or Lijiang which has bullet trains running to Kunming. Kunming serves as the transport hub of Yunnan province and the gateway cities to other destinations such as Dali, Lijiang, Yuanyang, Nujiang, etc. After your Yunnan tour, you can also take the flight or trains out of Yunnan province or back to Hong Kong. While you can also end your tour at Lijiang which also connects many cities in China and some international cities/regions by flight. No direct flights fly to Hong Kong.

Make the Travel Length Sure

For most tourists, they usually stay in Yunnan for one or two weeks to visit some top destinations. Two destinations take about 4 days, three destinations take about 6 days, four destinations take about 8 days, five destinations take about 10 days, and six destinations take about 11 days. 

The route of Kunming-Dali-Lijiang-Shangri-la, known as the classic route of Yunnan tour, usually takes about 8 days. If you want to visit Dongchuan Red Land in Kunming, another two days are needed. Kunming-Jianshui-Yuanyang tour usually takes about 4 days. We have selected several itineraries below for your reference. You can also contact our travel consultant to customize your own kind of Yunnan trip based on your personal needs and preferences.

8 Days Yunnan Classic Tour by High Speed Bullet Train
10 Days Yunnan Classic Tour with Dongchuan Red Land Photography
11 Days Yunnan Classic Tour with Jianshui Old Town and Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces

Make the Destination Sure

China’s southwest province Yunnan, literary “South to the clouds” in Chinese, is a place bond with exotic cultures and beautiful tales. “Spring City”, ancient cities & towns, the “Lost Horizon”, the world deepest gorge, the magnificent red land terraces, snowy mountains and ice glaciers. The most attractive of which is the folklore and culture of the area’s 25 ethnic minority groups. Majestic and colorful are the most frequently used words to describe people’s life in Yunnan. You’ll be amazed at every step you take, even on the road. If want to travel on this land, you need to know the top destinations in Yunnan.

  • Destination 1: Kunming

With its perpetual spring-like weather which provides the ideal climate for plants and flowers, Kunming is known as the “Spring City”. Usually you can spend one or two days to experience the true charm of this city by visiting Stone Forest, Western Hills & Dianchi Lake, Green Lake, Birds & Flowers Market, as well as Yunnan Nationalities Villages. Besides, Dongchuan Red Land and Jiaozi Snow Mountain are worth visiting. Every winter, black-headed gulls from Siberia fly to Kunming and settle in Green Lake and Dianchi Lake, forming a harmonious scene of human beings and nature. Read more about Kunming Travel Guide.

  • Destinations 2: Dali

Walking around Dali, you will witness the magical power and charm with your own eyes. Enjoying long history, Dali is one of the earliest cradle of Yunnan culture and created glorious Dali Kingdom. In this land, Cangshan Mountain, Erhai Lake, Dali Old Town and Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple are the representative scenic spots. As the natives of Dali Prefecture, Bai ethnic minority have its unique and charming culture, custom, architecture and festivals, which attracted numerous tourists to visit. Read more about Dali Travel Guide.

  • Destination 3: Lijiang

Lijiang has a history of at least 800 years and may date as far back as the Song Dynasty. As a popular destination in Yunnan, Lijiang is considered as a fairyland blessed with fresh air, clear streams, breathtaking snow mountains and an undisturbed landscape inhabited by Naxi ethnic minority. What’s more, Lijiang is the transfer station of Ancient Tea Horse Caravan Route. The special highlights include Lijiang Old Town, Jade Dragon Snow MountainTiger Leaping GorgeLashi Lake, and Lugu Lake, etc. Read more about Lijiang Travel Guide.

  • Destination 4: Shangrila

Located in the intersection of Tibet, Sichuan and Yunnan, Shangri-La is the “Eden in dream”. There are the lofty and continuous snowy mountains, endless grasslands, steep and grand gorges, azure lakes and the bucolic villages always leave a deep impression on visitors. The top tourist spots in Shangri-La are the sacred Songzanlin Monastery, the magnificent Meli Snow Mountain, the unique terrace in Baishuitai, the splendid Tiger Leaping Gorge and the peaceful Pudacuo National Park. Read more about Shangrila Travel Guide.

  • Destination 5: South Yunnan

South Yunnan mainly includes southeast Yunnan (Honghe and Wenshan Prefectures) and southwest Yunnan (Puer and Xishuangbanna). Jianshui, Yuanyang and Puzhehei are stars of southeast Yunnan; Puer and Xishuangbanna are good destinations to explore Yunnan Tea and ethnic culture. Every year, a crowd of photographers are attracted by the spectacular view of Yuanyang terrace like sunrise, sunset, sea of cloud. 

  • Destination 6: West Yunnan

Including DehongBaoshanLincang and Nujiang, West Yunnan belongs to the subtropical monsoon climate and the subtropical monsoon rain forest climate. It is located in the low-latitude plateau region, where there is no severe heat in summer and no severe cold in winter, and the four seasons are like spring. TengchongRuiliMangshi are top destinations of western Yunnan tours.                             

Make the Tour Theme Sure

  • Yunnan Birdwatching Tour

Autumn and winter is the best time to observe birds. At this time, groups of migratory birds fly over from the North. Since the weather in most areas of Yunnan is mild in winter, thousands of various birds migrate to Yunnan, Mainly from Sibiria during the winter. In the season of winter when migratory birds flock into Yunnan, many (wetland) parks are highlighted by such birds such as the wintering grounds for the red-beaked seagulls. Top Yunnan birding places include KunmingNianhu(Qujing), Huize(Zhaotong), Gaoligongshan National Nature Reserve, Xishuangbanna, etc. Read more about Yunnan Birdwatching Tours.

  • Yunnan Flower Watching Tour

Nicknamed “kingdom of plants”, Yunnan is a place where flowers are seen blooming all the year around. Starting a flower tour in Yunnan at the right moment not only allow you to enjoy a eye feast, but also give a good chance for you to take nice pictures. Kunming enjoys a wonderful climate for flower planting, which wins it the name of “Ever-spring City” as well as the “Flower City”. Luoping rapeseed flowers are especially recommended in February and March when the they are in bloom. Puzhehei lotus will bring you a picturesque experience. Read more about Yunnan Flower Watching Tours.

  • Yunnan Hiking & Climbing Tour

Yunnan has a diverse topography that ranges from alpine snowy peaks to tropical rain forests which make it the paradise for hikers. The popular hiking routes of Tiger Leaping GorgeCangshan MountainLaojun MountainYubeng Village favored by thousands of adventure tourists. Besides, climbing up a snow mountain such as Haba Snow MountainMeili Snow MountainJade Dragon Snow Mountain, Jiaozi Snow Mountain are worth to have a try. Read more about Yunnan Hiking Tours and Yunnan Climbing Tours.

  • Yunnan Photography Tour

Yunnan photography tours will enable you to appreciate not only the amazing natural wonders and cultural treasures , but also the friendly and welcoming local people, as well as their cultures and traditions. Dongchuan Red Land and Yuanyang Rice Terraces attracts thousands of people at home and abroad to take the best pictures. Puzhehei boundless lotus and picturesque scenery may make you fell like you are dreaming. Dali, Lijiang and Shangri-La are the dreamland offering you awesome photography sites to capture the diverse Yunnan. Read more about Yunnan Photography Tours

  • Yunnan Ethnic Minority Discovery

Yunnan has the largest number of ethnic population in China with 25 ethnic minorities including Bai, Yi, Dai, Naxi, Hani, Miao, Tibetan, Hui and Yao. A visit to Yunnan offers an unique and exciting experience of ethnic customs with more than 400 ethnic minorities festivals. The ethnic minorities maintain their unique folk traditions and customs full of myths and celebrated the festivals by singing, dancing, paintings and playing the ancient music. Read more about Yunnan Minority Tours

  • Yunnan Student Education Tour

For those who are interested in Chinese culture, especially interested in Yunnan culture, students education tour includes the special visiting to local schools and experience local life with ethnic people, which can help you to learn more about Yunnan ethnic culture and daily life of local people. Students will have chance to know about the local students’ study life by having classes, games etc. They will also have opportunity to learn how to make some handicrafts, visit some ancient architecture and well-known attractions, and experience beautiful nature by hiking. Our students education tours usually start from Kunming, Dali or Lijiang. Jianshui is also a good place to begin your education tour, where you can experience the Confucius culture at Jianshui Confucius Temple. 

Recommended Yunnan Tours from Hong Kong

8 Days Yunnan Tour from Hong Kong
10 Days Yunnan High Speed Train Tour from Hong Kong

Yunnan Travel Tips

Best Time to Visit Yunnan

Yunnan could be traveled all year around, especially March to April, and September to November. In spring (March to May), Yunnan has the large daily temperature difference changing from 12 to 20 ℃. The month of May is likely to be the rainiest month. Summer (June to August) in Yunnan will not be very hot. The average temperature of the hottest month is between 19℃ and 22 ℃. Autumn is the harvest season of most fruits and flowers. Tourists can get a lot during their trip. Winter in Yunnan is never too cold. The coldest month average temperature could be 6℃ ~ 8 ℃. The sunshine in Yunnan is too strong during the day that you’d better take your sunscreen and sunglasses. Also you should drink more water, eat more fruit, and prevent dehydration. Read more about Best Time to Visit Yunnan.

Preparation for Your Yunnan Tour

  • Know some basic information about Yunnan, which can help you understand the local culture well.
  • Learn some information about ethnic minorities in Yunnan in advance.
  • Check the weather condition of the destinations you’ll go.

Where to Stay

Thanks to China’s highly developed tourism industry, Yunnan offers visitors a full range of accommodation for tourists. Whether you’re looking for premium hotels designed with international standards to more rustic bed-and-breakfasts based on the traditional dwellings of the local people, it’s available. The accommodation choices of Jianshui and Yuanyang are more humble than that of Dali, Kunming, Lijiang, and Shangri-la.

Read more about Yunnan Accommodation.

Packing List for Your Yunnan Tour

  • Pay attention to keep warm in winter. Because of the relatively high altitude, the temperature difference is large between day and night, it is suggested to bring the thick coat and windproof jacket. 
  • Pay attention to sun protection. Due to the strong solar radiation in the daytime, sun cream, sun hat, sunglasses and other sunscreen products will be needed.
  • Do remember to take the umbrella and rain gear in the rainy season, especially from May to October.
  • Take some medicines for emergency, like cold medication and and medicines for a stomachache.
  • Don’t forget your necessary documents. If you will go further to Tibet, additional documents are also required.