Wumengshan Mountain in Dongchuan District, Kunming

Chinese Name: 东川区乌蒙山风景区
English Name: Wumengshan Mountain in Dongchuan District, Kunming
Wumengshan Mountain in Dongchuan District, Kunming
毛泽东“乌蒙磅礴走泥丸”的诗词就是对乌蒙山的生动写照。大牯牛寨山是乌蒙山脉最高峰,气势逼人,牯牛山距东川城区水平距离仅9公里,海拔高差却达2767.3米,实属罕见。山—上岩石大都为坚硬的石灰岩,呈褐色。近观远眺,山峰拔地耸立,陡峭雄奇,奇石险峰,别有风景。春夏之际抵达山脚,顺着野花遍地的大草甸向上,渐见满山盛开艳丽的山茶花,十分夺目。险峻的山崖上,时见体形健硕的野岩羊疾跑而过。 在小牯牛峰三千米海拔的地方,为抗战时期美国飞虎队—飞机殉难地,有许多搜寻者前往探秘。 山中有富有传奇色彩的云门关、仙人洞等高山深谷及神奇溶洞风光。攀峰俯瞰,脚下流云和山底亚热带小城,使人深感“一山有四季、十里不同天”的立体时空变幻。

Mao Zedong’s poem “Wumeng’s majestic walking mud pills” is a vivid portrayal of Wumeng Mountain. Dagoniuzhai Mountain is the highest peak of the Wumeng Mountains. The horizontal distance between Guniu Mountain and Dongchuan City is only 9 kilometers, but the altitude difference is as high as 2767.3 meters, which is really rare. At an altitude of 3,000 meters at Xiaogunniu Peak, it was the place where the American Flying Tigers plane was martyred during the Anti-Japanese War. Many searchers went to explore the secrets. There are the legendary Yunmen Pass, Xianren Cave and other high mountains, deep valleys and magical cave scenery in the mountains. Climbing the peak and looking down, you can see the flowing clouds at your feet and the subtropical town at the bottom of the mountain, which makes people deeply feel the three-dimensional time and space changes of “one mountain has four seasons and ten miles have different skies”.