Kangle Tea Wholesale Market in Kunming

Chinese Name:昆明康乐茶城
English Name:Kangle Tea Wholesale Market in Kunming

Yunnan Kangle Tea Culture City(云南康乐茶文化城)covers an area of nearly 250 mu and has 800 merchants. The main body of construction is: famous tea auction center, Yunnan famous tea museum, tea shops, tea art performance halls, tea culture art calligraphy and painting exhibitions, tea art training certification, tea culture product publication and distribution, etc.

With its perfect management system and considerate service, it has won the favor of tea merchants at home and abroad and they settled in it.With the concern of government all the levels, it gets the healthy and rapid development, and has become very famous in the world.

After many years of hard work,many honors have been won.

First-class hardware facilities construction and perfect supporting services for tea merchants to create excellent conditions: reasonable rent, high performance price. There are many facades facing the street. The With good location and service,the rental rate of shops is 100%, and nearly 300 enterprises are stationed. 80% of them are famous enterprises (merchants). There are famous tea manufacturers in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Fujian, Zhejiang and other places, as well as various famous and special tea enterprises from the main tea producing areas in our province.

Based on the advantages of Yunnan tea industry, through market operation,Yunnan Kangle Tea Culture City(云南康乐茶文化城) improves the added value of tea products, the commodity rate and competitiveness of tea products, increases the income of tea farmers, effectively leads the poor people in mountainous areas to get rid of poverty and become rich, and increases local financial income, speeds up the development of tea industry, and promotes the economic development of “agriculture, countryside and farmers” in tea-producing areas of our province.

It makes full use of the regional advantages of the center, implement the strategic idea of“promoting tea culture, promoting tea products, friendly tea friendship and prosperous tea economy , to be the platform of the good tea products over 3 million mu in Yunnan Province.

Business Concept:

Yunnan Kangle tea Culture City(云南康乐茶文化城)has always been to cultivate a new culture consumer market, carry forward the traditional Chinese tea culture, and make effort to promote the development of the tea market in China.
Translated by Chen Zhao/陈钊