Nanqiao Tea Plantation in Menghai County, XishuangBanna

Chinese Name: 勐海南峤茶山
English Name: Nanqiao Tea Plantation in Menghai County,  XishuangBanna
Keywords: Nanqiao Tea Mountain of  Xishuangbanna,  Xishuangbanna Attraction, Yunnan Tea Mountain
Location: Menghai County of Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture
Admission Fee: Free
Opening Hours: All the day


About Nanqiao Tea Mountain

Nanqiao Tea Mountain(南峤古茶山) is also known as the Mengzhe Tea Mountain(勐遮古茶山). Mengzhe is a place name from Dai language, meaning water is soaking in the dry dam, which it’s obvious for us to know that Mengzhe could provide beautiful scenes in the ancient times.Located in the middle of Menghai County(勐海县) and 22 kilometers away from county, Mengzhe Town(勐遮镇) is one of the biggest dams in Yunnan Province, bordering with Menghai Town(勐海镇) in the east, Daluo Town(打洛镇) in the south, Bada Village(巴达乡) in the west and Mengman Town(勐满镇)in the north. Named ‘Wufu Town’(五福镇)in 1927, it was renamed ‘Nanqiao County’three years later, that’s the reason why Nanqiao Tea Mountain is so well-known.Covering many reservoirs around the dam, it’s known as the fame of ‘The Granary of South Yunnan’, ‘The Grain Depot of Xishuangbanna’and ‘The Abundant Land’. Covering boundless hectares of peddy fields in the middle of the dam, there are a lot of new tea plantations built in the hills around the dam.


According to historical records of the Qing Dynasty (1729), the Qing government sent ambassorders to Yunnan and set up ‘Xier Government’(昔洱府治) in Menghai Tea Mountain(勐海古茶山), Mengzhe Tea Mountain(勐遮古茶山), Yiwu Tea Mountain(易武古茶山) and Yibang Tea Mountain(倚邦古茶山) of Puer City for strengthening the administrative rule. It’s easy for us to know how important the Nanqiao Tea Mountain it is.


Mengzhe Tea Mountain is abundant in land resources, mainly including red soil and ruddy soil.It’s suitable for planting rice, sugarcane, tea, corn, vegetables, beans, potato, oil and other crops in the area of dam.There are 166,000 mu of woodlands in the Mengzhe Tea Mountain which the tea trees are the arbor trees, with the sweet and bitter taste.

Attraction Transportation:

You can take shuttle bus to get to Menghai Town from Jinghong Coach Station, and the ticket fee is CNY 14 per person. Then You can take the chartered bus to Nanqiao Tea Mountain.

Attraction Travel Tips:

Traveling Seasons: All seasons
Traveling Hours: All day



The Location Map of Nanqiao Tea Plantation in Menghai County, XishuangBanna