Bada Tea Mountain in Menghai County, Xishuangbanna

Plan your Yunnan Tea Tour? Bada(巴达) is a place name of Dai language, which means the footprint of the immortal. In the west of Bada, there was a huge stone, on which there was a huge footprint, said to be made by the immortal, so the place was called Bada. Located at the southern end of Menghai County(勐海县), Bada is a mountainous township bordering Myanmar(缅甸). It is where the Bulang and Hani ethnic groups(布朗族和哈尼族) inhabit. Bada Tea Mountain(巴达茶山) is one of the oldest tea mountains. There are abundant and precious tea tree variety resources in the vast tropical forest sea, including wild tea tree community and cultivated ancient tea garden.

Chinese Name: 勐海巴达山普洱茶
English Name: Bada Tea Mountain in Menghai County, XishuangBanna
ADD: Bada Township in Menghai County, XishuangBanna (西双版纳勐海县巴达乡)

In Xiaohei Mountain of the Bada Mountain, there are continuous patches of wild tea trees growing. and there is a wild tea tree, which is known as the “King of Tea Trees”(茶树之王), is more than 1,700 years old. It is the largest wild tea tree ever found. The discovery of Bada wild tea trees and the millennium “King of Tea Trees” makes this place an attractive place. In addition, in the Bada Mountain(巴达山) can also see the rare plants and experience the customs of Hani ethnic group. 

Bada Tea Mountain is also a popular place for XishuangBanna Tea Culture Travel, you also can find more information about Yunnan Tea Travel here.

Translated by Dianna Zhou/周晓畋