Lijiang Birding Tours

Lijiang Birding Tours will introduce the best places to watch birds and the recommended tours. If you are interested in bird-watching, Lijiang will be your best choice for birding tours. There are all kinds of birds in the wetlands of the plateau in Lijiang, such as lady amherst pheasant, green peafowl, cygnet, greylag, purple swamphen, black-headed gull. Since the continuous improvement of the ecological environment and the large-scale restoration of wetlands, more and more birds have chosen Lijiang, which has become a “bird’s paradise.” 

Lashihai Lake is a famous wetland with a total area of ​​6,253 hectares. It is a paradise for migratory birds and a tourist attraction for bird-watching in northwestern Yunnan. The annual bird-watching time is from November to March of the next year. Every winter, There will be a group of elves in Lugu Lake, from the early morning to the nightfall, their white figures hovering over the lake, from time to time across the lake, causing layers of ripples. Lugu Lake in winter is a paradise for migratory birds.