Sinong Reba Dance in Yunling Town of Deqin County, Diqing

Brief Introduction

The Sinong Reba Dance(斯农热巴舞) in Yunling Town(云岭乡) of Deqin County(德钦县)Diqing is a comprehensive performing art that integrates bell and drum dance(铃鼓舞), poetic drama(杂剧), mime(哑剧), fable singing and dancing(寓言歌舞), rap(说唱), acrobatics(杂技), mini-opera(小戏) and string dance(弦子舞).

It is spread among Tibetan ethnic people in two major types. One is the Hobo Reba(流浪热巴), which is equivalent to the professional team now. This kind of Hobo Reba is mainly composed of family members, and neighbors and distant relatives. The other is self-entertainment Reba(自娱性热巴), which is composed of villages. This kind of Reba is influenced by regional culture. Its artistic style is different. It is characterized by non-mobility and non-exchange of performance for remuneration. It mainly performs at festivals and when houses are built. Nowadays, Sinong Reba belongs to another category of Reba art which combines self-entertainment Reba with vagrant Reba and religious Reba.

Performing Sequence

  • Scene One :Bell and drum praise (铃鼓赞)
  • Scene Two : Zuomugangtuo/佐姆岗错 (Yak Dance)
  • Scene Three: Wapiti Dance(马鹿舞)
  • Scene Four : Reba Strings(热巴弦子)

The Tools of Sinong Reba

Ya’an /哑安(Yak’s tail), Kuasong/夸松 (bell), A/阿 (drum with handle), Ajia/阿嘉 (drum stick), Xiama/吓吗 (wapiti mask), Zuomuma /佐姆吗(yak mask), Gang Zheng岗正 (foot bell),and  Biyang/比央 (horsetail string)

Chinese Version:斯农热巴舞/8433440?fr=aladdin                                              Translated by Olive Zhang/张银芳

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