Baoshan Coffee World Theme Park

Baoshan Coffee World Theme Park, also known as the Ningkang Village Theme Park in Longyang District, Baoshan City, Yunnan Province, is situated in Ningkang Village, Longyang District, Baoshan City, Yunnan Province. It belongs to the core area of the Gaoligong Mountain World Natural Heritage. It is a large-scale comprehensive cultural tourism area integrating “tourism + agriculture + culture + health + finance + poverty alleviation”. The Coffee World Theme Park covers an area of ​​6 square kilometers.

The Coffee World Theme Park fully utilizes the core resource of Asia’s best original ecological coffee fields. Due to the scarcity of resources, combined with the Gaoligong Mountain World Natural Heritage Site, it takes the form of a coffee-themed tourist park, covering aspects such as agricultural planting, leisure tourism, sports, health care, international coffee culture exchange centers, and coffee technology centers.


  • The Coffee World Theme Park is located in Ningkang Mountain, Longyang Town, Baoshan City, Yunnan Province, adjacent to the Gaoligong Mountain Nature Reserve. It is located at the end of the natural reserve, in the mountainous area with an altitude between 900-1700 meters, characterized by undulating terrain, winding rivers, an average annual temperature of 18 degrees Celsius, and a pleasant climate with green mountains and rivers, making it highly valuable for tourism and living. Gaoligong Mountain is a world-class natural reserve, characterized by high mountain canyon natural geographical environment, creating its biodiversity and three-dimensional climate landscape, vertical band landscape, and rich and diverse biological and plant resources, and is positioned by UNESCO as a world animal and plant gene bank.
  • There are already 5,000 mu of high-quality coffee plantations in the local area, as well as characteristic economic crops such as wild walnuts, grass fruits, wild mushrooms, wild vegetables, and honey, etc.

Convenient transportation

  • It is about 1 hour drive from the nearest three airports (45 minutes from Baoshan Airport, 45 minutes from Tengchong Airport, and 35 minutes from Mangshi Airport).
  • The project uses about 6 square kilometers of land, including coffee plantations and resort villages, forests, and rivers.
  • Different small villages are distributed in the planned area, and about 2,500 villagers live here.
  • The project is located next to the Hangzhou-Ruili Expressway and is a necessary intermediate node for highways such as Dali to Tengchong, Mangshi, and Ruili.
  • Baoshan City will open a new railway station in the first half of 2018, and trains will connect Dali and Baoshan, connecting famous Yunnan tourist routes such as Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, and Shangri-La.

Advantages of the scenic area

  • Unique resources: With Asia’s quality coffee plantation area, more than 5,000 mu of coffee has been planted, forming an ecological coffee garden with excellent quality and mellow taste, comparable to Blue Mountain coffee, and locally produced expensive civet coffee, which can provide reliable industrial support for the development of coffee deep tourism.
  • The project is located at the end of the Gaoligong Mountain range, which is an ancient Silk Road. There are ancient road inns along the ancient road.
  • Advanced concept: Modern technology and intelligent facilities cover the entire theme park area, so that you can still smoothly connect with the world while enjoying nature, sharing what you see and hear, fully reflecting the omnipresence of modern technology and intelligence, and realizing seamless connection between people and the world.
  • The Coffee World Theme Park adheres to the concept of science, vitality, dynamic, and harmonious interaction between humans and nature for project development. It can be seen that it will continue to develop into a large-scale modernized resort area and industrial chain.

Coffee Products

  • Build good coffee in China
  • Western culture + Oriental charm, give full play to the special influence of “Baoshan Small Grain Coffee” as a national geographical indication product
  • Tourism Products: Create the core attractiveness of Ningkang Mountain’s Qing Shan Green Water livable tourist resort
  • Scenic Landscape: Coffee Cultural Area, European-style town style, rich in cultural atmosphere. Will develop a coffee cultural village, introduce replicated movie scenes, famous writer story scenes, and famous coffee shops from around the world, allowing people to discover and experience Western and even international coffee culture.
  • International Expo Area: Displaying different national cultures. Will cooperate to build 11 national coffee display parks. Will cooperate with governments or brands from different countries to plant coffee, planning to cooperate with 10 different countries. This cooperation will be based on cultural exchange, agricultural technology exchange, promotion and display of culture, local customs and practices, tourism resources, cuisine, and specialties.
  • High Tower Park Area: Bird’s eye view. As the symbol of the project, it is located on the highest peak, where you can enjoy endless beautiful natural scenery and cultural landscapes. The observation tower will be clearly visible on the approximately 40-kilometer-long expressway. The observation tower can host concerts and light shows, with on-site lighting everywhere, presenting a very beautiful night scene, which will be promoted to the world through modern networks.
  • Marriage and Love Flower Sea Area: Romantic and strong. It will be composed of small churches, horse riding routes, flower worlds, Ferris wheels, and other elements suitable for marriage and love.
  • Natural Landscape Area: Harmony and integration. Live on the coffee field, taste the freshest coffee, watch the clouds rise, walk through the green wilderness, concentrate on meditation, or enjoy chatting with friends.
  • Waterside Activities Area: Happy and open-hearted. Based on drifting activities, as well as hiking routes along lakes, rivers, and mountains, to experience nature, attracting young people to discover a rich natural and human world through experience.
  • Holiday Health Area: Enjoy the noble. Develop a unique leisure health vacation mode, providing special coffee hydrotherapy and other health therapies.
  • Dynamic Sports Area: Healthy and dynamic. Based on the mountain terrain, chess halls, bicycle lanes, hiking trails, rock climbing, camping, field games, zip lines, cable cars, forest trains, personal roller skating and other projects