Baoshan Stone Town Travel Tips

Banshan Shitoucheng (Banshan Stone Village) is a fabulous village perched on a sheer hill resembling a stunning cathedral along the tumbling Jingshan River. It is also the trail head of the booming trek to Yongning (near the Lugu Lake).

Getting there and away: 

♦  Lijiang – Baoshan County – Shitoucheng. 
A private bus waits for passengers every morning at around 8:30 at the junction where Xindajie meets the main road to Yulong Snow Mountains near the Black Dragon Pool Park in Lijiang.(see map.) The bus won’t leave until all seats are occupied. Be patient even if you have to wait for two to three hours !! 
The journey takes 7 to 8 hours. The bus arrives first at Baoshan County. Don’t get off here. One and a half hour later, it terminates on a parking 200 meters higher than Shitoucheng. There is a shortcut trail between Baoshan County and Shitoucheng. Some travelers walk from Shitoucheng to Baoshan County in the afternoon, spend the night in Baoshan and catch the Lijiang bus next morning.

♦ Daju – Shitoucheng. 
See Daju – Getting there and away.


There are half a dozen of guesthouses in Shitoucheng with hot shower. Doctor He’s home is located on your right along the trail descending to the village from parking before reaching the town gate, with a sign “接待处”. After the town gate, walk another 100 meters, you will find Mu’s Family G.H. Their balcony offers a good view of the surrounding area. Y15/per night.