Cizhong Village Festivals and Events

Festivals and Activities in Cizhong

1. Tibetan New Year (Losar)

The Tibetan New year(藏历新年), also known as Losar, is the most important festival in the Tibetan calendar. It is celebrated over a period of 2 weeks, generally during the months of December and January.

2.Butter Lamp Festival

The Butter Lamp Festival is held at a small number of monasteries, usually the larger one, towards the end of the Losar festival period.

3. Saga Dawa Festival

The day of April  15th in Tibetan Calendar is a traditional festival of Tibetan Buddhism. This traditional festival is named Saga Dawa Festival in Tibetan Language. 

4. The Shoton Festival 

The Shoton Festival has been the most popular standard festivals for Tibetans. It celebrates consuming yogurt, the Tibetan monks who finish their period of meditation, the watching of Tibetan dramatic operas, and Tibetan Buddhism.

5. Tibet Bathing Festival

The Bathing Festival generally lasts for 7 days at the beginning of the seventh month, which has the long history. It is said that pestilence was widespread, which lead great sufferings. 

6.  Attending mass

For believers who believe in Catholicism, they attend mass every day.