Dehong Things to Do and Attractions

Dehong attractions are well known  for amazing tropical rain forest, colorful ethnic culture and border culture. Travelers can enjoy the leisure life  in the ethnic villages, such as Hansha Village, appreciating the folk song and dance of local people. There are also natural tropical scenic spots like Ruili River and Moli Tropical Rainforest . Moreover, local Buddhist architectures can show you the beliefs of local people, such as the Yunyan Stupa and Menghuan Golden Pagoda.  The followings are attractions in Dehong listed for your choice of Dehong tours.

Top Attractions in Dehong

When you travel to Dehong prefecture, it is highly recommended to pay a visit to the famous One Tree Forest, Moli Tropical Rainforest, Ruili River and Moli Waterfall, you will feast your eyes on the charming and pleasant scenery. Ethnic culture exploration to ethnic villages (Dadenghan Dai Village ), religion culture tour to local temples and frontier culture experience to the border port or border towns are also the hot tours in Dehong.

Buddhist Temples and Pagodas in Dehong

Dai people in Dehong believe in Theravada Buddhism, and almost every Dai village has its own small temple, with some large and popular ones in designated places. The temples and pagodas were built and decorated in unique style. The Dai people exercise the religion sacrifices and activities in the temples and pagodas. If you want to know about the Theravada Buddhism and the architecture art of Dai temples and pagodas, you shouldn’t miss the temples in Dehong, particularly the famous ones such as Yunyan Stupa Jiele Great Golden PagodaMenghuan Golden Pagoda. Our Buddhism culture tour will also guide you to have a site watch of the Tree-Wrapped Pagoda and Pagoda-Wrapped Tree.

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Best Places for Bird-Watching in Dehong

According to statistics, Dehong has more than 680 bird species, while 650 species inhabit in Yingjiang County, making it the No.1 county in China which has the best bird resources. Among all bird watching routes in Yingjiang county, Yingjiang Hornbill Valley is the most unique and fantastic one. It has a good reputation as “China Horbill Valley”. It attracts many bird watchers at home and abroad and is truly the most famous bird watching resort in China.

Ethnic Towns in Dehong

Dehong prefecture is one of the 8 ethnic autonomous prefectures in Yunnan Province. Besides the Han nationality, there are more than 30 ethnic groups living in Dehong, mainly including the Dai, Jingpo, Lisu, Achang and Deang ethnic groups. It is the main habitation of Jingpo, De ‘ang and Achang ethnic minorities. For your Ethnic Culture Tours in Dehong, the following ethnic towns are recommended.

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Ancient Towns in Dehong

Mangyun Ancient Town in Yingjiang County and Mengmao Ancient Town in Ruili City are the major ancient towns in Dehong at present. Mangyun Ancient Town is a small town on the old Southern Silk Road and gained the reputation of “Small Shanghai” for its once booming economy, while Mengmao Ancient Town  is a newly built modern tourism project that combines Dai traditional culture with modern commercial elements and integrates tourism, shopping, entertainment, leisure and business.

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Traditional Ethnic Villages in Dehong

The traditional ethnic villages usually have the well-preserved ethnic traditions, so they can be best choice for your Culture Tours in Dehong. Traveling to the traditional ethnic villages, you can explore the most authentic ethnic traditions which can’t be seen anywhere else. Dadenghan Dai Village is one of the best recommendations.

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Cultural, Historical & Monumental Sites in Dehong

The listed cultural, historical and monumental sites are also places should be visited if you want to have an indepth culture tour in Dehong. You will know more about the hisory of Dehong, development of the ethnic groups and famous people in Dehong.

Parks & Gardens in Dehong

Yingjiang National Wetland Park , Ruili Botanical Garden and Wanding National Forest Park will feast your eayes on the beautiful and charming rain tropical scenery, while Mengba Naxi Rare Park and Yunnan Jingpo Ethnic Park present you the best records among all parks of China and Jingpo ethnic culture in Dehong.

Lakes and Ponds in Dehong

Among the lakes in Dehong, the Peacock Lake is the most worth visiting one. It is named after the fact that it is a historical habitat for green peacocks and the shape of the lake looks like a peacock displaying its fanned tail.

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Rivers in Dehong

Ruilijiang River, 53-kilometer long and 200-meter wide, is a main river in western Yunnan Province. Ruili River has been listed as one of the state-level resorts characterized by the picturesque scenery and peaceful atmosphere. Ruilijiang River plays an important role in connection of Burma and Yunnan Province, which feeds more than then thousand of people. Floating along Ruilijiang River, you can experience the unique beauty of Ruilijiang River.

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Waterfalls in Dehong

Moli Waterfall ,also known as Zhaduo Waterfall, is becoming a hot tourist attraction in Dehong together with the Moli Tropical Rainforest . The clear spring water pours down from the steep cliff of 60 meters high, forming a scene of “stacked water like cotton, without the use of bows and flowers to scatter.” It looks like a huge white silk fluttering in the air, and dancing clouds between the peak cliffs. 

Main Wharves in Dehong

Dehong Prefecture has 2 national ports (Wanding Port and Ruili Port) and 2 provincial ports (Zhangfeng Port in Longchuan County and Xiaopingyuan Port  in Yingjiang County).  The Port in Dehong is not only the main port for China’s trade with Myanmar, but also an important port leading to Southeast Asia and South Asia. We have Dehong border tours to Myanmar and Yunnan border tours including Dehong, if you are interested in frontier culture tour, please contact us, our consultant will customize the tour routes for you.

Other Attractions in Dehong