Huaping County Administrative Divisions

Huaping County has jurisdiction over 3 towns and 5 ethnic townships including 51 villages, 10 communities, 899 groups of people. The government sits in Zhongxin Town.

3 Towns: Zhongxin Town(中心镇), Rongjiang Town(荣将镇), Xingquan Town(兴泉镇)

5 Ethnic Townships: Shilongba Yi and Dai Ethnic Township(石龙坝彝族傣族乡), Xinzhuang Lisu and Dai Ethnic Township(新庄傈僳族傣族乡), Tongda Lisu Ethnic Township(通达傈僳族乡), Yongxing Lisu Ethnic Township(永兴傈僳族乡), Chuanfang Lisu and Dai Ethnic Township(船房傈僳族傣族乡)