Zhu Family Garden in Jianshui Ancient Town, Honghe

Located inJianshui Ancient Town, Jianshui Zhu Family Garden is a set of large-scale residential buildings of Qing Dynasty with the reputation as “Grand View Garden at Southwest Border of China”. Located at the middle part of Jianxin Street in Jianshui Ancient Town, Jianshui County, the garden was built by Zhu Weiqin and his brother during the late Qing Dynasty. The garden covers an area of more then 20,000 square meters with over residential area over 50,000 square meters. The main buildings here have a “three vertical and four horizontal” layout which is the typical Jianshui style. There are about 42 small or large courtyards and 214 rooms. The whole building has steep ridge eaves, painted beams and intricate painted ceiling, exquisite and elegant. The layout of halls and courtyards is very reasonable with rich and countless changes which like a maze.
Now, Zhu Family Garden is a attraction combining with accommodation, sightseeing and amusement and becoming a high level tourist attraction.
When it is built
In 1903, the miners uprising broke out in south of Yunnan. It may have benefit relationship with Zhu family and Qing Government sent soldiers here. Zhu Family had to run and hide. They run to Japan, and came back to Jianshui 5 years later, then built the garden.
Layout of Zhu Family Garden
Zhu Family Garden sits facing north, with a hanging flower door at the entrance. The 10 stilted buildings at the left connect with the buildings behind them. They used to be counting houses and supply shop facades. And the also Zhu Tai Hen (Head Firm) for Zhu Family to do import and export trade including: tin, cloth, salt, affion. At right part, the front is a family ancestral temple, and adytum cortile garth is behind it. In front of the ancestral temple, there is a poor, with stage, and pavilion.
The right front of the whole buildings is a flower hall in standard width. The buildings at left and right of the hall is the embroider buildings for ladies. In front of the Flower Hall, there is a garden. A flower wall separates the garden in to east and west garden naturally. There is also a lotus pool. The brushed, plant nursery and flower nursery scatter in between, forming a typical and local south private park.
Zhu Family Garden’s layout is very rich in layers which are flexible, quiet and beautiful.
Art Scenic
Zhu Family Garden is the precious historical and cultural heritage of architecture in Jianshui. It is the well combination of Han and ethnic groups’ architectural arts. The caving and painting had adopted the context and techniques of ethnic groups which has unique features.
To be harmony with local natural environment, the main plants in the garden are bamboo and flowers. There is also a lotus pool and rice field. The beds, tables, chairs and stools here are made from purple wood with sculptures in Qing Dynasty style.

Zhu Family's Garden
Zhu Family’s Garden