Wanyao Pottery Maker in Jianshui County, Honghe

Chinese Name:建水碗窑村土陶制作
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Wanyao Pottery Maker in Jianshui County, Honghe
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About Jianshui Pottery:

Jianshui pottery is a kind of wonderful Chinese artistic pottery with a history of more than two hundred years. Archeological findings show that the purple pottery making of Jianshui County of Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture can date back to the late Neolithic Period. Pottery wares at that time were mainly moulded on a spinning plate. When it came to Daoguang Period (1821-1850) of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), potteries of Jianshui had become fine artefacts with profound cultural connotations, ranging from tea sets to stationery and wine sets. There are many a former site of pottery kilns scattering in Wanyao Village, which further proves the long-standing history of pottery producing of Jianshui County. 

Wanyao Pottery Maker in Jianshui County

Jianshui Pottery Maker in Wanyao Village

In Wanyao Village, most of the pottery workshops are of family scale but with many senior, adept artisans whose works have been exhibited on varied exhibitions since 1914. Nowadays, potteries made by these workshops have become gifts or specialties preferred by many from both China and abroad. During his state visit to Albania in 1963, the late China’s Prime Minister Mr Zhou Enlai (1898-1976) chose Jianshui-made unglazed pottery as a Chinese gift. 

Jianshui potteries, which have become distinctive tourist souvenirs, are now bearing a bright prospect. And as a whole, the pottery making has been listed as one of the five major cultural sectors of Jianshui County.

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Wanyao Pottery Maker in Jianshui County

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Get to Wanyao Village:

You can take a taxi around Jianshui Old Town to get to Wanyao Village because it is not far away.

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Buying Jianshui Purple Pottery in Wanyao:

The Jianshui Purple Pottery in Wanyao is cheaper than Jianshui Old Town and you can witness the making process.