Longyang District Dining

The food of Longyang district covers beautiful colors, flavor, taste and nutrition balance, which ranks front in the delicious food. 

What to Eat in Longyang?

1. Hetu Dashao(河图大烧)

Eaten together with Xiachun bean noodles and another Baoshan traditional dish—Hetu Dashao, it will be much more wonderful. Dashao, or "toast pig", has always been a big dish for feast in Baoshan, of which the toast pigs made by people in Hetu village are especially famous.

2. Yongchang Pressed Salted Duck(永昌板鸭)

Yongchang pressed salted duck is in Yunnan Province Baoshan Famous food city. Baoshan is a city of the Burma Road, from the Han Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, had been set up Yongchang County, Yongchang Prefecture and other administrative region. Yongchang's name is familiar to both at home and abroad. Therefore, there is the duck, named "Yongchang".

3.Cauliflower Pickles with Bee Larvae(菜花腌菜拌蜂仔)

"Cauliflower pickles with bee larvae" is a favorite of Changning people, which is also a daily household delicacy on the table and is one of the hospitality feast of flavor dishes. The marinated cauliflower pickles with yellow and green adding radiance and beauty to each other has the characteristics of acid with some sweet, which is very attractive.

4.Dai Sapie傣家牛撒撇

Dai Sapie, is an unique food of Dai, which main raw material is tripe (cow's stomach, Han called Niu Baiye). “Sapie”, a cold dish of the Dai ethnic group, have many variant kinds according to sauce and ingredient. The major ones are “Sapie with bitter sauce”, “Sapie with lemon juice sauce” and “Sapie with eggplant sauce”, and some improved dishes are Sapies with fish, pot-stewed pork as main ingredients. 

5. Xiachun Bean Noodles

The features of it are bright-colored, chewy, tender and fresh. Especially the bean noodles made by factories like "Tuozi bean noodles", "Dongjiaque" and "yizhuomao" are so slender that they can wind around the chop-sticks and their quality and cutting skills become salutary tales around the people of the same trade. 

Where to Eat in Longyang?

Please refer to our Longyang Restaurants below and check where to eat in Longyang district.

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