Longyang District Shopping

Unique natural environment and location, plus hard-working of Longyang people, there are many things that are worth buying as travel souvenirs to friends such as Yunzi(云子)/Yongzi(永子), Baoshan Mung Bean(保山绿豆), Baoshan Jizong Mushroom(鸡枞), Lujiang Mango(潞江芒果) and so on.

What to Buy in Longyang?


Yunzi refer to special weiqi (Go) pieces manufactured in the Chinese province of Yunnan. At various times in history they have also been termed yunbian (云扁) and yunyaozi (云窑子). Though technically Yunzi refers only to sintered stones made of "yunzi" material (the exact composition is a secret), the term can also sometimes connotate stones which are single-convex of any material. Yunzi-style stones made of jade for instance, were often presented to the reigning emperor and his court ancient China.

2.Cauliflower Pickles with Bee Larvae(菜花腌菜拌蜂仔)

"Cauliflower pickles with bee larvae" is a favorite of Changning people, which is also a daily household delicacy on the table and is one of the hospitality feast of flavor dishes. The marinated cauliflower pickles with yellow and green adding radiance and beauty to each other has the characteristics of acid with some sweet, which is very attractive.

3.Baoshan Mung Bean(保山绿豆)

When the outsiders come to Baoshan, they always like to buy some local specialty what they call the "Baoshan mung bean" to bring back a gift for friends and relatives. This "Baoshan mung beans" for the authentic Baoshan endemic species, in other places are not seen.

4.Baoshan Jizong Mushroom(鸡枞)

Baoshan Jizong Mushroom is very nutritious, each 100 grams of dry product containing 28.8 grams protein, 42.7 g carbohydrates, 286 kcal calories, 23 milligrams of calcium and the amino acids’type and quantity is very rich. It is a rare exotic and wonderful products. There are many benefits such as good for stomach, bringing down blood viscosity, curing hemorrhoids and so on.

5.Lujiang Mango(潞江芒果)

Lujiang Mango(潞江芒果) is also called Mameng(麻檬). Lujiangba (潞江坝) has a cultivation history of more than 400 years of the mango. Lujiang "three years mango" is yellow and glazed, big and flesh, tastes sweet, tender and delicious, and rich in nutrient. It is the excellent original material of processing mango juice, jam, and preserved fruit.

Where to Buy in Longyang?

Most of the goods can be bought in the local supermarkets. 

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