Luoping County Dining

Traveling to Luoping, you must taste the local food and snacks. There are a lot of Luoping county foods and snacks that you can not miss. People can find them in most of the resturants in Luoping county of Qujing. 

1.Casserole Rice(砂锅饭)

Casserole Rice has unique style, cheap and delicious. The processes of making casserole rice are to wash to fresh rice of the year first, and then add salt and aginomoto, mixed well. Put into casserole and boil. Each casserole is about 2 to 3 liang rice. When the water begin to dry, add sausage, bean curd, bacon, peas, oil in it and steamed with small fire for 5 minutes. The rice is soft while the seasonings are very delicious.


2. Colorful Flower Rice(花米饭)

Colorful Rice is the unique rice of Buyi people. They dye the rice colorful, and thus give the rice endless poetic and romantic. In the world today, only Buyi people can do it. Buyi people’s multicolored flowers rice are all plant pigments, which is not only harmless to the body, but also contains a large required elements of human body, you just enjoy it safely.


3.Sour Bamboo Shoot(酸笋)

Every spring, by the Duoyi River, Jiulong River, Nanpang River hillsides, there are sprouting shoots. Buyi people produce excellent cuisine sour bamboo shoot. Buyi Sour Bamboo Shoot is different of sour bamboo shoot elsewhere. Sour Bamboo Shoot elsewhere due to the production method of error, often conceal with an acid smell. Buyi Sour Bamboo Shoot is acid with a plant fragrance.


4.Whole Pot Soup(全锅汤)

Whole Pot Soup is also unique in Buying Minority. Every year, in lunar March 3rd, Buyi people will hold ritual activities to offer sacrifice to mountains and water. Eating whole pot soup is one of the main ritual activities. Full of delicious nourishing soup and tender, together with the unique dipping sauce, it tastes fragrant. The whole pot of soup boil method is very particular.


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