Lvchun County Culture

It can be said that Lvchun County is a real ethnic minority county. In Lvchun County, Hani women in ethnic dress are the most beautiful scenery on the street. Rich ethnic culture can be felt everywhere.

1. Ethnic Groups

Up to 2017, there are Hani, Yi, Yao, Dai, Lahu and Han, etc, ethnic groups living in Lvchun County. Among them, minority population is 98.7% of registered population, Hani people make up 87.4% of total population.

2. Traditional Ethnic Villages

Lagu Village(腊姑村) in Sanmeng Township, Lvchun County, Honghe

Gekui Village(戈奎村) in Gekui Township, Lvchun County, Honghe

3. Ethnic Festivals

Hani, Yi, Yao, and Dai are main ethnic minority groups in Lvchun County. Ethnic festivals in Lvchun County include Hani festivals, like Grasshopper Catching (Zhuomazha) Festival, YangAna Festival, Kuzhazha Festival; Yao festival, like Panwang Festival; Dai festivals, like Xuntianba Festival and Water-splashing Festival; and Yi festival, like Torch Festival.