Shilin County Dining

Shilin County's cuisine is varied and coveted. Whatever street snacks, barbecues, or elegant indoor restaurants all have local characteristics. We have listed some of delicacies and restaurants that must eat in Shilin County.

What to Eat?

Shilin Sweet Persimmon

Sweet persimmon, as a small fruit with unique oriental characteristics, is welcomed by domestic and foreign consumers because of its beautiful appearance, unique taste, high nutritional value and high health care function.

Shilin Fermented Bean Curd

Shilin tofu is of excellent quality because it uses Bajiang River’s water. There are two kinds of fermented bean curd in stone forest: one is called oil Fermented Bean Curd, which is mixed with vegetable oil, salt and other ingredients. Another is called wine Fermented Bean Curd, which is mixed with wine, pepper powder, salt and other ingredients.

Lunan Milk Cake

Lunan milk cake is a traditional food of the Yi nationality in Kunming, Yunnan Province.The milk cake of Lunan Yi Autonomous County is the most authentic.

Where to Eat? 

There are many special restaurants in Shilin County. We have listed some restaurants with good taste and beautiful environment for tourists.

Chinese Name

English Name





Shilin Restaurant

In the junction of Shiyi Highway and No.069 Township Road





In the Stone Forest Senic Area


Lunan Milk Cake


Shilin Hexiang Restaurant

Next to Taiyu Hotel of Lianhua Road


Post Stewed Chicken Wings


Afeixi Restaurant

No.28, Ashimanan Road of Shilin County


Western-style food


Shilin Kuaihuo Forest Restaurant

In Lianhua Road of Lufu Subdistrit


Fish in Sour Soup,Chicken Soup