Shi Wanheng – Inheritor of Yi Folk Music in Shiping County, Honghe 

Shi Wanheng - Inheritor of Yi Folk Music in Shiping County, Honghe-01

Basic Information

Name: Shi Wanheng(施万恒), the Inheritor of Yi Folk Music
Sex: Male
Race: Yi Ethnic Minority
Birth: Born in September, 1947
Hometown: Taoyuan VillageLongpeng Town, Shiping County, Honghe Hani-Yi Autonomous Prefecture(红河哈尼族彝族自治州石屏县龙朋镇桃园村).

Life Experience

Shi Wanheng(施万恒) is a local folk artist who is master in singing and dancing. At the age of 12, he began to learn to sing, dance and play instruments. As an adult, he is good at singing and dancing. He plays Sixian(四弦) quite well and gradually became a famous singer of Longpeng(龙朋). He sang four tunes in southern Yunnan including Haicai Tune(海菜腔) and danced the Shiping Yanhe Dance(石屏烟盒舞), which is well known. He enjoyed the title of Master of Tunes(曲子师傅) and Sixian Boss(四弦老板) in the 1970s. Now he is a member of Yunnan Quyi Artists Association(云南省曲艺家协会) and Yunnan Dancer Association(云南省舞蹈家协会).


Shi Wanheng has participated in many performances at home and abroad and won awards many times. He participated in the “Western Folk Song Competition” held by CCTV in January 2004 and won the Gold Prize of the original chorus group(原生态对唱组). He also participated in the first Yunnan National Art Festival(云南首届民族艺术节), Yunnan TV Spring Festival Gala(云南电视台春节联欢会), Beijing Four Cities and Eight Provinces Gala(北京四市八省联欢晚会), Changchun Lantern Festival Gala(长春闹元宵联欢晚会), etc. In 1998, he went to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Macao, Shenzhen and Guangzhou for performances, and so on. He also received lots of visitors of domestic experts and scholars.

Shi Wanheng - Inheritor of Yi Folk Music in Shiping County, Honghe-02

Chinese Version:
Translated by Translated by Emily -Wang/王海玲