Dalangba Forest Park in Shuangjiang County, Lincang

Dalangba Forest Park

The Dalangba Forest Eco-tourism Area is the Yunnan Provincial Forest Park. It is 36 kilometers away from the county seat. The 105,000 mu artificial Huashan pine and virgin forest are surrounded by five reservoirs, forming a unique resource landscape integrating mountain, water and forest. It has high ornamental value and scientific research value, pleasant climate and evergreen season, as an ideal destination for sightseeing, summer vacations and rest and recuperation. It has initially formed a tourist resort with a certain scale in Shuangjiang County, which is an important choice for some residents of Shuangjiang and even Lincang City.

Why is Dalangba Forest Park so special?

Dalangba Forest Park enjoys the temperature weather, charming landscape and fresh air. It is an ideal place to “suck oxygen and wash the lungs”, also the advisable place for summer holiday.

How to get to Dalangba Forest Park?

It is approving for travelers drive and cycle to this forest park. There are no shuttles to it.


The dry and wet seasons in Shuangjiang Autonomous County are distinct. The Tropic of Cancer crosses the county and has a three-dimensional climate. It belongs to the south subtropical warm and humid monsoon climate. With the mild climate, the annual average temperature is 20.2 °C, and the annual average rainfall is 1000 to 1200 mm. It is suitable for a variety of economic crops.

Natural Resources

Shuangjiang Dalangba includes the forest landscape, landform landscape and hydrological landscape. The greening rate of the resort area is 98.6%. The vertical spectrum and seasonal changes of the plants are obvious. There are various forest types: such as the Zhongshan wet evergreen broad-leaved forest, the warm-heating pine forest and warm bamboo forest, etc. The Dalangba Forest Park enjoys variety of biological resources, well-preserved natural ecosystems and high visibility and scientific research and development value. It offers 245 species of higher plants, 9 rare and endangered plants, 104 flower plants, 72 kinds of medicinal plants etc.

Useful Travel Tips

Protect the environment and do not litter.

It is recommended for travelers to visit this forest park in summer and get rid of the heat of other place.