Three Parallel Rivers Festivals and Events

Festivals and Activities in Three Parallel Rivers

There are 22 ethnic minorities, such as Naxi, Lisu, Tibetan, Bai, Yi, Pumi, Nu, Dulong, etc. living around Three Parallel Rivers. Three Parallel Rivers is an area of multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, multi-word, multi-religion, multi-way of production and life in the world. The converging area where lifestyle and various customs and habits coexist is one of the regions with the richest cultural diversity and rich historical and cultural heritage in China and the world. Therefore, there are many festivals and activities around the Three Parallel Rivers.

1. Bangbang Festival(also Mila Festival)

Bangbang Festival is the Lijiang Naxi traditional festival, it will be held on each January 15 (lunar calendar), which will be lasted for three days.

2. Sanduo Festival

During each eighth February (lunar calendar), the Sanduo Festival is the most grand traditional festival of Naxi people.

3. Dongba Fair

Every year on the third lunar month’s fifth day, Dongba Fair is celebrated in Lijiang Yushui Village in high spirits.

4. Torch Festival

This is a famous festival of those of the Yi and Naxi Group living in Ninglang County and Lijiang old town.

5. July Festival

July Festival is another important festival of Naxi people. It occurs each middle July according to lunar calendar and mainly involves trading of horse or cows, also called as Horse Trade Festival. 

6. Zhuanshan Festival

Zhuanshan Festival usually takes place on July 25 (lunar calendar), which is one of the most important festivals for Mosuo people living along the charming Lugu Lake.

7. Mt Festival

Lugu Lake Mt Festival is the most important festival for Mosuo people, also known as Mt Council, Mosuo called Mt festival as "the monastery's Day."

8. Snow Mountain Festival

In 2002, Lijiang hosted the Snow Mountain Festival, the first large-scale rock festival in mainland China. 

9. Naxi Ancient Music Night Show

Naxi ancient music is regarded as soul of Lijiang, and known as “living fossil of music”.

10. Tibetan Horse Racing Festival

The Horse Racing Festival is the grandest annual event in western China's Diqing Prefecture.

11. Kaquewa Festival(New Year Festival) of Dulong People

Kaquewa Festival is the only New Year Festival of Dulong people. It is held during the 11th and 12th lunar months, there is no fixed date and the festivals lasts 3-5 days.

12. Kuoshi Festival (New Year Festival) of Lisu People

The Kuoshi Festival, the Lisu New Year, is the biggest festival among the Lisu people. Generally, the festival lasts from the 5th day of the 12th lunar month to 10th day of 1st lunar month.

13. Zaotanghui(Bathing) Festival of Lisu People

The Bathing Gathering, also called “Tangquanhui” (汤泉会), are yearly bathing gathering held in spring among the Lisu people living in Nujiang.  

14. The Festival of Climbing Sword-poles of Lisu People

It is one of the traditional festivals among the Lisu people, in memory of Wang Ji(王骥), a minister of the Defense Minister in the Ming Dynasty.  

15. The Flower Festival of Nu People

It is Nu people’s traditional festival on the 15th day of the 3rd lunar month when all the mountains are covered with blossomed azaleas. It is said that these azaleas bloom to memorize the beautiful girl called Arong who invented the gilding ropes.