Weixi County Attractions

There are a lot of things to see and to do in Weixi County. It enjoys a subtropical and temperate monsoon plateau mountain climate and is blessed with a great variety of plant and animals. Once you are stepping on the dream land, you will visit the hometown of Dianjin Golden Monkey. You will enjoy the beautiful and spectacular scenery, such as Three Parallel Rivers Reserve. There are a list of Weixi County attractions that waiting for your discovery.

1. Buddha Damo Cave (达摩祖师洞)

It was a long time ago that the pilgrims were full of Buddhist holy places. 

2. Yezhi Tusi Government Office (叶枝土司衙署)

Walking into Yezhi Town is like walking into the National Culture Grand View Garden.Here is the ancient town of Tea Horse, which is the birthplace of the Lisu people’s syllabic language. It is the hometown of the Lisu people's song and dance. Let's walk into the Yezhi Town and walk into the Yezhi Tusi Government Office.

3. Little Weixi Catholic Church (小维西天主教堂)

Built by the French in 1870. It is one of the most well-preserved Chinese ancient churches in the Chinese mainland.