Wenshan City Administrative Divisions

Wenshan city has has jurisdiction over 3 sub-districts, 7 towns and 7 townships. 3 sub-districts covers Kaihua Sub-district (开化街道), Xinping Sub-district (新平街道) and Wolong Sub-district(卧龙街道). 7 towns include Gumu Town (古木镇), Pingbai Town (平坝镇), Matang Town (马塘镇), Houde Town (德厚镇), Xiaojie Town (小街镇), Zhuilijie Town (追栗街镇), Bozhu Town (薄竹镇). 7 townships consist of 2 townships and 5 ethnic townships, Xinjie Township(新街乡), XiguTownship(喜古乡), Dongshan Yi Ethnic Township(东山彝族乡), Liujing Yi Ethnic  Township(柳井彝族), Baxi Yi Ethnic Township (坝心彝族乡), Binglie Yi Ethnic Township(秉烈彝族乡), Hongdian Hui Ethnic Township(红甸回族乡).