Wenshan Shopping

Wenshan Shopping Guide tells you what and where to buy in Wenshan Yunnan. There is wide range of local specialtuies for your choice when you are shopping in Wenshan. Wenshan enjoys not only the unique tourism resource, but also rich products.  As the town of pseudo-ginseng, pseudo-ginseng is worthy of top one of your shopping list. Moreover, many specialties and handicrafts in local market are also good choices.

What to Buy in Wenshan

Wenshan Pseudo-ginseng/Sanqi 三七

Wenshan Autonomous Region  teems with Sanqi which is also called Tianqi. It got its names because it has three branches and seven leaves. (in Chinese, three is san, and seven is qi) Sanqi is a kind of plants of panax, Araliaceae. The uncooked Sanqi can stanch, strengthen the heart, dispel the extravasated blood, help the new skin to grow, lessen the swelling, and ease the pain. The cooked Sanqi can invigorate the circulation of blood, enrich the blood, thus making you much stronger.  In Pen-ts’ ao Kan-mu, or Compendium of Materia Medica "本草纲目", a famous work about Chinese medication by Li Shizheng of Ming Dynasty, Sanqi was estimated “Priceless”. The root, stem, flower and leaves of Sanqi can all be medicine. The usual way is to cut the dry root into slices, grind them and eat the powder. If it can be cooked together with meat or chicken, it will be even more effective. The Steam Pot Chicken with Sanqi is a famous traditional dish in Yunnan which can keep people in good health.

Wenshan Zhuang Brocade 文山壮锦

Zhuang Brocade is one of the four most famous brocades in China. There are two kinds of Zhuang Brocade: woven brocade and embroidered brocade. The woven brocade has vivid patterns and bright colours. It is strong in endurability, and is usually used to make bedspread, hangings and bags, etc. The embroidered brocade is made by embroidering featured patterns on the cloth or on the woven brocade. It is colourful and charming.

Qiubei Chilli Pepper丘北辣椒

Chilli pepper is a famous local specialty of the Qiubei County, Wenshan. Since the end of the Ming Dynasty, chilli peppers have been grown there for more than 300 years. The chilli pepper grown in Qiubei is small, fleshy, bright-coloured, peppery, fragrant, with a high quantity of heat and a high content of fat. The Qiubei chilli pepper can not only serve as the seasonings, but also can stimulate the secretion of the gastric juice, and promote the digestion. They are also called “the Small Pepper of Yunnan”.

Red Kidney Beans 红腰豆

Red Kidney Beans in Nijiao village has a long history of cultivation. Red Kidney Beans in the Qiubei mountain area are also sold to many provinces in China and to other countries and regions such as Korea and Malaysia. 

Guangnan Bamboo-tube Tea 广南竹筒茶

Guangna Bamboo-tube tea(竹筒茶) also called Guniang Tea(姑娘茶). The tea produce in Diyu (底圩) of Guangnan county. A handful of fresh tender tea leaves is placed in a tube of the xiang zhu (fragrant bamboo), and roasted over charcoal fire. When the leaves shrink, a wooden stick is poked into the tube to press them tight, and new tea leaves are put in. This is repeated until there is no room in the tube for more leaves. When the roasting is finished, the tube is split open, and the tea leaves are taken out. The host then pick a piece of the tea tube and puts it in a bowl, instills in boiling water from the brass kettle, brew it for a while and serve to the guests. The tea has a fresh aroma of bamboo.

Guangnan Baoba Rice 广南八宝米

Baoba Rice is famous for it's producing area-Babao Town. It was used as the offering to the imperial court in Qing dynasty. It was listed as the precious rice species in 1981.

Wenshan Batik 文山蜡染

Batik is an ancient traditional textile printing and dyeing handicraft in China. The making process goes as: drawing patterns on white cloth with melted yellow wax, boiling off the wax after dyeing, then a white pattern is obtained. It began in Han Dynasty and flourished in Tang Dynasty.

Lotus Root Starch 藕粉 

The ripe  period of lotus seeds and lotus fruit  is 9-10 months in Puzhehei.  Lotus production is popular in Puzhehei, and lotus flower tourism has become a major driver of local economy. The lotus root starch is good to health and can be used to make cakes and pastries.

Where to Buy in Wenshan

When you are shopping in Wenshan, the following shopping malls, shopping centers, local specialty stoes and marktes are your best choices.

The Best Sanqi Shopping Places in Wenshan

You can find Sanqi sold in many stores, supermarkets and shopping centers in Wenshan City. Besides those places, there is a large Sanqi trading market in Wenshan City - Wenshan Sanqi International Trading Center, which the largest Sanqi trading market in China. There you have a wide range of choices to Sanqi of different quality levels. 

Wenshan Sanqi International Trading Center 文山三七国际交易中心
Address: Kaihua South Road, Wenshan City 文山市开化南路
Transportation: No. 8, No.2 , No.3, No. 4, No. 10 , No. 7  Buses

Recommended Shopping Centers in Wenshan

  • Wal- mart Shopping Plaza 沃尔玛购物广场
    Address: Underground 1st Floor, Guangda Pedestrain Street, Dongfeng Road, Wenshan City  东风路光大步行街负一层
    Tel: 0876-2138770
  • Hengfeng Shopping Plaza 恒丰购物广场
    Address: Longtou Street, Wenshan City 龙头街
    Tel: 0876-3120088
  • Guangda Shopping Center 光大购物中心
    Address: No. 18, Xuehai Lane, Wenshan City 学海巷18号
    Tel: 0876-2132676

Recommended Local Specialty Stores in Wenshan

  • Guangda Shopping Center 七乡宝斋
    Address: No. 18, Xuehai Lane, Wenshan City 文山市
  • Guangda Shopping Center 三七映象专卖店
    Address: No. 18, Xuehai Lane, Wenshan City 文山市
  • Guangda Shopping Center 文山咪哆土特产专卖
    Address: No. 18, Xuehai Lane, Wenshan City 文山市
  • Guangda Shopping Center 福泰土特产总汇
    Address: No. 18, Xuehai Lane, Wenshan City 文山市

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