Yingjiang International Bird Watching Festival in Yingjiang County, Dehong

Yingjiang International Bird Watching Festival(盈江国际观鸟节) in Yingjiang County is held in May 1 every year. At the same time, Water Splashing Festival(盈江泼水节) in Yingjiang County is held  from April 28 to May 5th. Tourists who like birdwatching tours to Yingjiang can celebrate both the two festvails at the same time.

Yingjiang County(盈江县) got its name because the Daying River(大盈江) runs through the whole county. Yingjiang County is located between 97°31′~98°16′ east longitude and 24°24′~25°20′ north latitude. It has jurisdiction over 7 townships, 8 towns and 1 local state-owned farm, including: Pingyuan Town(平原镇) and Jiucheng Town(旧城镇) , Nabang Town(那邦镇), Nongzhang Town(弄璋镇), Zhanxi Town(盏西镇), Kachang Town(卡场镇), Xima Town(昔马镇), Taiping Town(太平镇), Xincheng Township(新城乡), Yousongling Township(油松岭乡), Mangzhang Township(芒璋乡), Zhina Township(支那乡), Sudian Township(苏典乡), Mengnong Township(苏典乡), Tongbiguan Township(铜壁关乡) .

Yingjiang Birding Tour Map
Yingjiang Birding Tour Map

Yingjiang County belongs to the southwestern end of the Hengduan Mountains extended by the Himalayas, and the mountainous terrain formed by the southwestern branch of the Gaoligong Mountains – Jiangao Mountains. There are large ups and downs in the environment. Daxue Mountain is 3404.6 meters above sea level, the highest point in the territory; Nabang Lasha River Estuary is 210 meters above sea level, the lowest point in the territory. It forms a landform landscape of “two mountains sandwiching one dam and one river” from northeast to southwest.

According to the organizing committee of the “First Bird Watching Festival in Yingjiang 2015”, bird watching is to observe birds in nature without disturbing the normal life of birds, using binoculars and photographic camera equipment. The Bird Watching Festival aims to deepen people’s understanding of the significance of protecting ecological balance and biodiversity by shooting and recording bird activities, further arouse people’s sense of responsibility for protecting ecological balance, and drive more people to join in the protection of wetlands and birds in action.

From May 1st to 3rd, 12 teams of bird protectors, with 3 people in each group, went to Taiping Township, Nabang Township, Kachang Township, Sudian Township and Zhina Township of Yingjiang County to participate in the bird watching competition. It is understood that among the more than 1,400 species of birds in the country, there are more than 500 species in Tongbiguan Nature Reserve in Yingjiang alone.

According to the organizer, Yingjiang County adheres to the principle of “simplicity and original ecology”, organically combines ecological protection and tourism industry, strives to build an ecological Yingjiang brand, expands Yingjiang’s external popularity, and strives to make the Bird Watching Festival a world-renowned Provincial and national boutique tourism competitions.

In the area of 4429 square kilometers in Yingjiang, nearly 600 species of wild birds in China have been recorded, more than one-third of the birds in China, and many of them are unique here, so for nature lovers or bird-watching enthusiasts It’s like heaven here.

During the “May 1st” Labor Day, Yingjiang County held the “2015 China Yingjiang First Bird Watching Festival” with the theme of “Appreciating Birds and Opening the Mind”. Bird watching enthusiasts from all over the country participated in bird watching competitions in Yingjiang.

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