Zhanyi District Dining

Zhanyi District has its unique food, lifestyle. Though most of the places in Qujing has similiar eating styles, but still Zhanyi has its unique food.

What to Eat in Zhanyi District in Qujing

1.Zhanyi Baba(沾益粑粑):It is almost like the Xunwei Ham, but still it gets its own character. This food has a history of about hundreds of years. The main ingredient is from ham, but differently, adding honey, which makes it quite tasteful.


2. Fish with Pepper(胡辣鱼):This food is famous for its ingredients of lots of pepper. Crucian carp will be used in making this special dish.

3. Zhanyi Spicy Chicken Meat(沾益辣子鸡):To originate this dish, it is said that it is made by chance. In one Spring Festival, Gong Hongyun is cooking chicken meat, accidentally she drove a big pan of spicy pepper to the dish. She kept cooking, however, after the dish tastes decilious, surprisingly.


Where to Eat in Zhanyi District in Qujing

Furong Restaurant (Xihefang North District, Zhujiangyuan Ancient Town) (芙蓉酒楼(珠江源古镇西河坊北区))
Tel: 0874-3338822
Address: No.1, Building 5, Neibei District, Zhujiangyuan Ancient Town, Zhanyi District, Qujing City, Yunnan Province(云南省曲靖市沾益区珠江源古镇内北区五栋1号)

Wanfuyuan Restaurant(Dongsheng East Road) (万福园(东盛东路))
Tel: 18788505045
Address: No. 58 Zhujiangyuan Community, Dongsheng East Road, Xiping Town, Zhanyi District, Qujing City, Yunnan Province(云南省曲靖市沾益区西平镇东盛东路珠江源小区58号)

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