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The Tumulus Group of the Eight Towers Platform

There are all kinds of tombs in the Tumulus Group from different historical periods: tombs of the Bronze Age, the Liang Tombs from the Eastern Han Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty, and the cremation tombs of the Ming and Qing Dynasty.

Cuan Bao Zi Stele

In the year 43 of Qianlong, the Stele was unearthed in Yang Qitian, which is 70 miles to the south of Qujing County (Nanning County) of Yunnan. The Cuan Bao Zi Stele and the later Cuan Long Yan Stele were call the Two Cuans. Cuan Family was a big family of a minority in the south China. The epigraph provides important historical materials for the research of the minority.

The Alliance Stele of the 37 Tribes

The names of the officials mentioned in the Stele such as Buxie, Liyueshuang, Dushuang, Yanben, Zanwei, can be found in the historical books concerning the history of the Nanzhao Kingdom like the Book of Minorities by Fanzhuo. You can find that the Dali Kingdom followed the Nanzhao Kingdom for its official.