Hiking Tours and Travel Tips of Shengcun Hani Rice Terraces in Yuanyang

The terraces in Shengcun Village covers Malizhai Rice Terraces, Zhulu Rice Terraces and Laozhuiying viewing deck. The area expands with ups and downs. The scenery is amazing. There are service sites and kinds of hotels.


Bada viewing deck- Bada Village- Malizhai Village- Zhululaizhai Village- Shengcun Village

The route starts with Bada viewing deck, ending with Shengcun Village via Bada Village, Malizhai Village, Zhululaizhai Village. The whole route is 6.86 kilometers, about 2 hour and 15 minutes walking. There are service sites providing drinking, tour guidance and for a break through the journey.

The advantages of the route

  1. Good condition of the roads
  2. Somesignposts
  3. Charming scenery varies at great difference of altitude
  4. Time-consuming journey for professional hikers