How to Drink Yunnan Dianhong Black Tea

Preparation Instructions

The ideal brewing temperature is 90-100ºC (194-215ºF), which is just below the boiling point. You can simply boil the water using a stove-top kettle and then let it cool for 10 seconds or so.Dianhong tea can be brewed in a variety of vessels, preferably ones made from ceramic or purple clay, like a simple gaiwan or a traditional Chinese yixing teapot.

Brewing Instructions

1.Fill both the teapot and the cup about halfway with hot water to pre-heat them. Tilt them a bit so that the water creeps up the side and then rotate them so the insides get wet all the way around. Then pour the water out.

2.Put 1-2 teaspoons of tea leaves into the teapot. If using a different vessel, use 1-2 teaspoons for every 8 oz. (236 ml) of water.

3.Fill the teapot with 90-100ºC (194-215ºF) water.

4.Place the lid on the teapot and let the tea steep for 2 minutes.

5.Pour the tea into the teacups and enjoy your tea!

6.You can get 3-5 infusions out of most varieties. Increase the steeping time 30 seconds for each infusion. How many infusions you do depends entirely on your taste. Experiment.

7.Enjoy a cup a Dianhong tea by yourself or with your friends and family!


While drinking Yunnan teas, you want to be careful not to over-brew them, especially cheaper varieties, as they can easily become bitter. Because of that, the amounts and times given in the instructions are somewhat conservative; use them as a rough guide. If you find the resulting tea too weak, add more tea leaves or try increasing the steeping time.

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Edited by Ziwei Chen/陈紫薇