Yunnan Dianhong Group Company Limited

Yunnan Dianhong Black Tea Group is a renowned producer of Dianhong black tea, a distinctive and highly regarded black tea from Yunnan Province, China. The group has established a reputation for quality and innovation, and its qualifications are a testament to its commitment to excellence in tea production. Here are some key qualifications and achievements that highlight the group’s credentials:

  1. Historical Significance:
    • Established Legacy: The Yunnan Dianhong Black Tea Group has a rich history dating back to the 1930s when Dianhong black tea was first developed. The group’s deep-rooted expertise and historical significance in the region contribute to its authoritative status in the tea industry.
  2. Quality Certifications:
    • ISO Certifications: The group holds various ISO certifications, including ISO 9001 for quality management systems and ISO 22000 for food safety management. These certifications ensure that the group’s production processes meet international standards for quality and safety.
    • Organic Certification: Many of the tea gardens managed by the group are certified organic, adhering to strict organic farming practices that avoid synthetic chemicals and promote sustainable agriculture.
  3. National and International Awards:
    • Tea Competitions: Yunnan Dianhong Black Tea Group has won numerous awards at national and international tea competitions, reflecting the high quality and exceptional taste of their products. These awards enhance the group’s reputation and credibility in the global market.
    • Geographical Indication (GI) Protection: Dianhong black tea has received GI protection, indicating that it possesses qualities and a reputation attributable to its geographical origin. This status helps preserve the unique characteristics and heritage of the tea.
  4. Research and Development:
    • Innovative Practices: The group invests in research and development to continually improve cultivation, processing, and packaging methods. Their focus on innovation helps maintain the high standards of Dianhong black tea and adapt to changing market demands.
    • Collaboration with Institutions: Yunnan Dianhong Black Tea Group collaborates with academic and research institutions to study tea cultivation and processing techniques, ensuring they remain at the forefront of scientific advancements in tea production.
  5. Sustainability and Social Responsibility:
    • Sustainable Farming Practices: The group is committed to sustainable agriculture, implementing eco-friendly practices that protect the environment and preserve biodiversity. This includes maintaining soil health, conserving water, and promoting the well-being of tea workers.
    • Community Support: Yunnan Dianhong Black Tea Group engages in social responsibility initiatives, supporting local communities through education, healthcare, and infrastructure development. Their efforts contribute to the overall socio-economic development of the region.
  6. Market Presence:
    • Global Reach: The group’s products are exported to many countries around the world, including major markets in Europe, North America, and Asia. Their international presence underscores the global appeal and recognition of Dianhong black tea.
    • Brand Recognition: Yunnan Dianhong Black Tea Group has developed a strong brand presence, known for its premium quality teas. The group’s branding efforts emphasize the unique flavor profiles and cultural heritage of Dianhong black tea.


The Yunnan Dianhong Black Tea Group’s qualifications are built on a foundation of historical significance, rigorous quality standards, continuous innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility. These attributes make the group a leader in the production of Dianhong black tea, respected both domestically and internationally. Their commitment to excellence ensures that Dianhong black tea continues to be a cherished and sought-after product worldwide.