History of Dianhong Black Tea

Fengqing, a stop on the Ancient Tea and Horse Trail, the trade route linking Yunnan with Tibet and South East and South Asian nations, has for centuries been associated with Dianhong tea.

Lushi of Fengqing County used to serve as a caravan town on the Ancient Tea and Horse Trail


When it is brewed, Dianhong tea is golden in color and has a strong refreshing taste with a distinctive fragrance.

In 1939, the first batch of Dianhong tea products were exported to the UK via Hong Kong at the then unbelievable price of 800 pennies per pound; and the fame of “Dianhong tea” began to spread throughout the world. When the People’s Republic of China was founded in 1949, Dianhong Tea was honoured as a “national gift of China”, and Fengqing became one of the major exporters of Chinese black tea. 

Queen Elizabeth who is a connoisseur of quality tea was presented with a gift from the province of Yunnan of Dianhong tea during her visit to Kunming City of Yunnan in 1986.

Fengqing (470 km from Kunming) is one of the places in Yunnan Province where ancient tea trees grow.