Nandian Dragon Pool in Lianghe County, Dehong

Why is Nandian Dragon Pool So Special

The archway of Nandian Dragon Pool is imposing and architecturally antique. Facing the streets of Nandian Road, the architectural style of the archway blends with the elements of the Han and Dai ethnic culture. The four gates of the archway are engraved with the vigorous and powerful four characters”南甸玉潭(Nandian Yutan)”. On both sides are small doors, on the left side of the door, “龙腾苍穹(Longteng Cangqiong)”, on the right side of the door, “鲤跃玉潭(Liyue Yutan)”, neatly symmetrical, the four arches on the archway site are engraved with four dragons that are vivid and prosperous. There are two layers in the top, with heavy slanting angles, finely carved, exquisite blue tiles, and a gourd overlapped at the top of the archway is particularly eye-catching.

The Dragon Pool is like an open fan. There are more than 700 meters around the lake. Around the lake, it is a prefabricated fence carved with birds and beasts, dragons and the Ninth Heaven patterns. There are seven pavilions standing beside the pool. The pavilion is enriched with the artistic style of the southern misty rain and the waterside pavilion. It is simple and elegant, with a patchwork structure, exquisite structure, unique arches, unique craftsmanship, leisure in the pavilion, dancing and playing chess, playing the violin, dating, and viewing and enjoying the fish in the lake. It is a place where leisure and entertainment are integrated. It is also a hotbed for viewing the scenery of the Dragon Pool.

Where is Nandian Dragon Pool

Nandian Dragon Pool is located in the seat of Lianghe County, Yunnan Province. It is less than 400 meters away from the famous Nandian Xuanfu Chieftain Office. The gates are all facing Nandian Street, and Nandian Dragon Pool is also known as Yutan Pool.

Legend of Nandian Dragon Pool

Legend has it that a beautiful mythical love story, the third princesses of the Dragon King of the West Sea in the Dragon Palace accidentally shattered the Jiulong Jade Cup given by the Jade Emperor as the treasure of the Dragon Palace. The West Sea Dragon King was furious, then the third princesses were taken to the world, guarding at the foot of the mountains Yutan, every morning, she had to wash and dress up at the lakeside, but she was found by the youth who sent firewood to the rich family every day before dawn. Every morning, he will rush to the pool to peep. One day, suddenly it rained heavily, and the young man ignored himself and took off her clothes to cover her. When they met each other, they fell in love at first sight. After that day, the rich man knew it after long time. He wanted to take the dragon princess away. At the time of the crisis, the youth came forward, but he failed. Finally, the Dragon Princess saved the youth.

How to Get to Nandian Dragon Pool

In Lianghe County, it is convenient to get to the Dragon Pool. After arriving at Lianghe County, visitors can take one of the three transportation methods, such as

  • By Bus: There are many buses to other counties and attractions in Lianghe County.
  • By Taxi: Taxi is a good way to get to the Dragon Poolat the starting fare of 5 Yuan.
  • By Bike: For those bike lovers, bike is a good travel method for short distance. 

Best Time to Go

The mid and last ten days of April are the best time to visit the Dragon Pool.

Nearby Attractions

Nandian Xuanfa Chieftain Office
Built in the first year of the emperor Xianfeng of Qing Dynasty in 1851, Nandian Xuanfu Chieftain Office is located at No. 103 Nandian Road, Zhewu Town, Lianghe County, Dehong. It is the best preserved chieftain government in Yunnan Province, announced on November 27, 1996 as the national key cultural relic’s protection unit. It is also the only currently unique national cultural relic’s protection units in Dehong Prefecture.