Shalatuo Town of Yuanyang County, Honghe

Chinese Name: 元阳沙拉托乡
English Name: Shalatuo Town inYuanyang County, Honghe
Keywords: Hani & Yi folk culture and buildings, terraces, the torch festival
Location: located in the west of Yuanyang County
Admission Fee: ¥0
Opening Hours: All Day Long
About Shalatuo Town in Yuanyang County

Shalatuo Town sits the west of Yuanyang County, borders Niujiaozhai Town in the east and Ezha Town in the south, neighbors Lvchun County in the west and Honghe County in the north, 68 kilometers away from Nasha Town(the county center). the population of minorities accounts for 52.57% of the whole population in Yuanyang County. It belongs to karst landform and enjoys a pleasant and vertical climate. It boasts its abundant tourist resources. Terraces, tea gardens, karst caves and the natural forest are well-spaced. The main inhabitants are Hani and Yi people who are good at dancing & singing. You can get a lot of fun from the local activities like Long Dragon Banquet and the Torch Festival of Yi.